Founder: Natural, Holistic Dentist, Dr. Daniel Vinograd

Dr. Daniel Vinograd Promotes Holistic Dentistry, Healthy Life

Natural Dentist, Doctor Vinograd
Dr. Daniel Vinograd, the founder of this site and an advocate of intelligent products for a healthy life, is a holistic dentist San Diego residents depend on every day, and his life principles are smart to follow even if you aren’t one of his patients.

Let’s learn a bit about the man, then we’ll explore how these principles can make sense for your life. Soon you’ll see why so many people rely on him, his services and the products he offers.


Getting To Know Dr. Vinograd

Dr. Vinograd’s patients in San Diego are lucky to have him because of his more than three decades of experience and his commitment to educating himself and others. He’s been serving the public as a natural dentist since 1978 and has been advocating for the elimination of amalgam — a mercury-containing metal combination — in dentistry since 1980. He now advocates the usage of non-toxic materials in every aspect of dental treatment.

He has also served for many years as an associate professor in prosthodontics at the college from which he got his dental degree, the University of Southern California. He also has a degree in naturopathic medicine and additional educational achievements so numerous that there isn’t space to mention them all.

He has frequently served others less fortunate than himself on dental mission trips through organizations such as Helps International, GF Medical Mission Foundation, God’s Child Project, Yale University and Remote Area Medical in Tennessee.

Keep in mind that he has performed his teaching and mission work while maintaining his practice in holistic dentistry – a place that San Diego residents trust with their oral and overall health.


Dr. Vinograd’s Natural Dentist Principles

You could benefit from following the life principles developed by Dr. Vinograd during his decades of trying to maintain and improve his own health while taking his patients on a journey toward a better life too. They include:

  1. Consuming as few processed foods as possible and greater quantities of cultured foods like yogurt. Consuming a lot of protein and fresh vegetables is important to overall health too.
  2. Speaking honestly with health care professionals. Medical and dental personnel have the tools at their disposal to solve many problems or teach you how to solve them, but so many people never ask for help.
  3. Allowing only biocompatible and non-toxic dental materials. That means going to a dentist you trust for every procedure, even something as routine as a cleaning.
  4. Using oxygenated, ozone-infused water when caring for teeth to improve overall oral health. Ozonized water kills bacteria that cause gum disease and a variety of other ailments.
  5. Understanding the latest research about links between oral health and overall health. New studies come out all the time, and staying healthy means staying on top of things.
  6. Nourishing yourself with spiritually enhancing activities. For Dr. Vinograd, it’s meditation and yoga, but you may relate better to other practices.


Being the best holistic dentist San Diego has to offer isn’t enough for Dr. Vinograd. For him, a healthy life is essential. And teaching healthy life principles to others is part of his mission.

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