In an effort to answer all of your questions, we've added a brief Q & A post here:

#1 (What are BodyPure2x Detox Foot Pads?)

foot detox pads Do you suffer from restless sleep, a sluggish immune system or poor circulation? If so you are not alone. Many people share these common ailments but have no idea what’s causing them. The culprit is often a buildup of toxins and heavy metals in your body.

The BodyPure2x detox foot patch is a natural, herbal, foot detox pads (or patches) worn on the arch of the foot for up to 10 hours at a time. Their purpose is to eliminate toxins (includes heavy metals) leaving the body refreshed and healthier.

Our BodyPure2x foot detox pads are safe and effective, made of 100% natural ingredients and are easy to apply. The Japanese have been using this product to combat fatigue, improve circulation, increase metabolism, enhance quality of sleep, help release toxins and as a general practice to stay healthy and clean for quite a long time!

Each box contains 10 (10 hour) Foot Detox Pads. If you act now and purchase 3 boxes, you will receive a Free CTS Used Pad Analysis ($15 value). This product is “Made in the USA”, and includes a Risk-Free Manufacturer's Guarantee.

#2 (What does the '2x' in BodyPure2x Detox Pads stand for?)

Why 2X? Because BodyPure2x detox foot pads contain more than twice (2 times or 2X) the active ingredients of any other foot pad on the market today. Not only does this double dose enhance your natural detox program, but it also makes BodyPure2x the best deal of its kind on the market. For the same low price you get “2X’s” the product!

#3 (How Do the BodyPure2x Detox Pads Work?)

BodyPure mainly uses the natural elements of tree sap to draw toxins from your system. The evidence of this can be seen by the residue drawn onto the pad after proper use. The pad encourages self-healing by promoting circulation and releasing toxins through the Kidney Meridian located on the sole of the foot.

You don’t have to worry about putting more toxins into your body in order to detox! Don’t be fooled by products that lure you in by promising health but secretly contain ingredients that are harmful or hard on your body. BodyPure2x does not treat or cure anything by releasing any active ingredients into the body. It simply stimulates your natural system to detoxify and cleanse.

#4 (What Is The Science Behind Foot Detox Pads?)

Are you a bit skeptical about how a simple and all natural foot pad can really relieve you from harmful toxins? It’s really not that hard to believe once you understand how it works. When toxins are absorbed into the system, most become embedded in our tissue. As the BodyPure2x detox pads are placed on our skin, the natural herbs interact, and begin their work by emitting far infrared energy. The infrared rays not only enhances the cells functions directly, but also stimulate the Kidney 1 Meridian on the soles of the feet, creating a second front for detoxification.

foot placement detox pads We’re not the only ones paying attention to this area. The Kidney 1 Meridian is used extensively by Acupuncturists and Acupressurists to promote healing and relieve tension. In essence, the BodyPure2x foot detox pads gently stimulate this point for an 8 to 10 hour period. Click the image to see the location of the Kidney 1 Meridian on the sole of the foot. #17 (or the right kidney point) is what you are looking for.

Discovering the “Minus Ion Effect”: In addition, the wood vinegar extract in the foot patches allows for a phenomenon known in Asia as the "minus ion effect". By creating an osmotic shift in the herb/skin interface it permits the transfer of toxins. This "minus ion effect" induced by the detox pads, accelerates the natural excretion process (through the pores), and allows the body to purge toxins at a faster rate.

#5 (Is there any proof behind the Detox Pads?)

If “seeing is believing,” then you will have no problem testing the validity of our Foot Detox Pads. The visual evidence after using the BodyPure2x pad is, in itself, compelling. The progress is most apparent when used over a few consecutive days.

Multiple samples of our pads were sent to SRC Analytical Lab, a highly accredited Environmental Laboratory. The results demonstrated absorption into the patch of Nickel, Arsenic and Mercury amongst others.

The product constantly works even when tested again and again using many case studies. Multiple detox pads for various individuals were analyzed by using a syncrometer. The syncrometer, an electronic device used to detect individual substances by using a circuit and matching frequencies. The following substances have been identified in the used detox pads through this method: benzene, isopropyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, aluminum, cadmium, copper, lead, mercury, nickel, thallium, arsenic, asbestos, DAB dye, fast green dye, sudan black dye and PCB (plastic byproduct).

foot detox pads test The results don’t stop there. We even went so far as to do a screening of the individuals themselves. Hair analysis testing of toxin levels in individuals before and after the use of the BodyPure2x foot detox pads have been conducted. Want to know what they found? Click on the image to enlarge!

#6 (How Do I Use The Detox Pads?)

This deceptively simple product, made from all natural ingredients, is extraordinarily easy to use. You wear the detox pads or patches on your feet, usually while asleep (full instructions are also provided in each box).

Initially, BodyPure2x should be used nightly (only on one foot) for a recommended period of thirty days. If you feel that you have been exposed more extensively to toxins, you may choose to prolong the 30 day period or use patches on both feet. After the initial cleansing period, simple maintenance is recommended by using one patch every two to three weeks at most.

All of the “work” is done for you while you sleep!

#7 (Are the Detox Pads Safe To Use?)

The BodyPure2x foot detox pads are entirely safe to use. They are, after all, made from natural ingredients which simply promote health and detoxification in the body. Although the foot detox pads have been used extensively in Japan for many years, we have also conducted thorough laboratory testing for safety as well.

When it comes to quality, we don’t mess around. BodyPure2x is manufactured from the highest quality wood vinegar extracts, not packed with extra fillers.

There is absolutely NO Ethylene Glycol in our product (exposure to ethylene glycol can damage the kidneys, heart, and nervous system which is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve).

In addition to keeping your body healthy we also strive for excellance in our customer service as well.  Just to make sure you can order from us free of doubt or worry, click here to view our unconditional money back guarantee.

#8 (The Origin of Detox Pads)

Naturalistic and alternative medicine has been used in Japan and other Asian cultures for many thousands of years. It has long been a school of thought that many health issues could be cured by improving circulation and eliminating toxins from the body. Over time, products containing these same natural ingredients began surfacing in Western Culture as well and have been gaining popularity ever since. The BodyPure Detox Pads have been refined by Dr. Vinograd, a Naturopath and Biocompatible Dentist in San Diego, for over 10 years.

#9 (Do We Really Need To Detoxify?)

You might be thinking to yourself that all this talk in the media about “detoxing” is a big scam and wondering if it’s really necessary for optimal health. Let me ask you this. Do you suffer from; poor elimination, bloating, gas, “brain fog”, forgetfulness, headaches, allergies, overeating, poor circulation, fatigue, mood swings, bad breath, stiff joints, cold hands and feet, recurring infections, indigestion, poor skin, cellulite, or lower back pain?

I’m sure you see yourself in that list of symptoms somewhere, they are common issues that many people deal with on daily basis and write off as being “just a part of life.” Well, you don’t have to live this way anymore! The simple fact is, that many of things are either caused by a build-up of toxins in the body or could be improved by eliminating toxins or improving circulation.

Toxicity is rampant in our modern world. We are surrounded by toxic chemicals and pollutants each and every day. The chart below lists the signs and symptoms of toxicity according to detoxification expert Elson Haas M.D. You can also Click Here for a list of contaminants and their sources. Invariably these toxic waste and pollutants lead to disease.

detox pads toxic symptoms

The outside of the body is easy to wash and keep clean, but how do we keep the inside of our body clean? Physicians have known for centuries that health problems can result from the accumulation of foreign substances in our bodies. Even so, human exposure to toxins has reached alarming levels.

So what is the solution? In an ideal world we would simply eliminate all those agents that are causing toxicity and disease, but realistically, if we are to live and stay healthy in this post industrial revolution era, we must detoxify our bodies at least at the same rate as we are being contaminated. To further protect your health, look for easy to use, non-invasive products with natural ingredients, like the BodyPure2x foot detox pads. Get yours at a substantial discount here, and start your natural detox today.

- , CEO, Wise Choice Health, Inc

Spring Cleaning P5

So, my soap box.  I’m pretty loyal once in a while.  We’re talking about health care.  If I had it my way, sure you could have health insurance, but I’m not paying for your health insurance if you don’t take some personal responsibility for your health.  If I see that your lifestyle is in conjunction with the way that you should be living it, I’m not paying for your health care anymore. That’s fair, right?

So, if you want to have national health care, health care for everyone, I’ve got you. I dig it, but you know what?  People better start stepping up.  Alright, I’m done with this.

When’s my soap box?

We don’t have enough time for that.

So, what’s our approach?  We’ve got to get to the cause.  You know us.  That’s how we operate.  We’ve got to find the cause of what’s going on and then support the body.  We start with proper lifestyle and dietary changes.  There are absolutely no exceptions to this.  You and your body are not going to be friends.  If you don’t want to do this, “Fine, I’ll still love you.  Just don’t complain about how things are falling apart. I’ll do the best with what you allow me to do, but just accept it. ”

No more eating what you please.  I love chocolate. I’m glad you enjoy your cockroaches.  Just accept it.  It’s not helping your situation.  It’s nasty.   No more skipping meals.  I feel nauseated.  So?  Look, it requires pain to change.

The most important meal for these people is breakfast.  I don’t know who said that.  I thought it was some wise deal or something, something that Midwestern people on the farm.  The most important meal of the day is breakfast.

So, blood sugar people, listen up.  Your ideal meal is protein dominant, right in fatty acids, low on simple sugars.  Egg, salmon, chicken, vegetables, even high quality protein shakes with an emphasis on the high quality protein.  You are to avoid juices and sweets.  Too much sugar.  “But it makes my Clear Vite taste so much better.”  Oh well.

I was proud of Danielle.  Danielle had it with water today.  I was like, “Go, girl!” I can get it down, right?  It’s not like a slurpy.  Just get it down, right?

Snacks are an absolute must.  Snacks cannot be like a fruit.  I had a banana. I had an apple.  No apples, right?  You’re better off having a snack like an organic chicken link like sausage, which is good, by the way.  I highly recommend it.   Whole Foods.  We’re probably going to take a field trip there someday.

Why not fruits as a snack?

Because it’s too much sugar for these people with blood sugar issues.

Apples are the worst?

Alright.  If you guys want the PowerPoint, talk to someone on the staff, and we can e-mail it to you tonight because I plan ahead.

Best meals are lean meats, vegetables, beans.  So, let’s paint some pictures because I know I’m hungry.  Chicken fajitas, lots of peppers, onions, chicken, beans, non-refried beans, and if you have those tortillas that she has that are made out of brown rice, that’s good.  I should get a kickback.  Legumes are beans.

Do you see potatoes on that list?


Do you see chips on that list?


French frieds?


Rice? No.  Brown rice, but I’m kind of Asian.  Brown rice is like I stepped on the Bible or something. It’s just not right.  How can a billion people be wrong, right? S

So, this is, in many ways, more strict than the way you guys are eating now, well, not now but tomorrow because in many ways, your carbs are massively reduced.  Have you guys ever heard of the zone diet?  Something like that, but lean meat, 20%, vegetables, 80%. Are you with me?  Not the other way around.

So, when you go to Pinnacle Peak and get a nice big, old Cowgirl Steak, notice how I said Cowgirl, not Cowboy, because the Cowboy Steak’s too big for everybody in this room.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Does anyone know what Pinnacle Peak is?


Where is this?

There aren’t a lot of Asians in there.

Yeah, let’s send him back.  We’ll give you back.

Send him with that nice tie.


I’m never taking you to these nice, special places.  Tell my wife.

Alright. So, you have to monitor how you feel.  If you eat, you are fatigued or crave sweets afterwards, then you have consumed too many calories, and your body has surged insulin to compensate for that.  So, when get that surge of insulin, you’re like, “I need something sweet.”

Everyone’s level’s different.  That’s pretty strong.  So, you have to learn your amounts.  That’s very important.  How are we doing on time, by the way?  My soap box time off?  Yeah, we’re almost done.

You have to also have to identify your food sensitivities and your tolerances.  Now, this is important. I’m going to spend some time on this.  Many of you want a kit, and we have a kit tonight that tests for the top four food sensitivities.  What are they?  Eggs, berry, gluten, and soy.  If you consume those, and you are sensitive to those things, your body will produce, will have an immune response to it.

Well, you also have food tolerations and sensitivities that are not measure the same way.  For example, with MSG, some people really react to MSG.  Well, there are other things in this world that will do the same thing.  For example, corn.  Some people tomatoes.  Some people eggplants.  We’re going to talk more about this next week, but I really advise that when you do this it, if everything comes back negative it’s not like a stamp to say, “Bring it all on.  I can do it, and there’s no issue with it.” No, these are the top four that people have significant issues with, but other ones exist.  Sorry to burst your bubble.

So, the key goals are to remove all reasons for inflammation. When you have blood sugar problems like diabetics do, remove all reasons for your body to be inflamed. You’ve got to clean up your got.  You guys already started that process. You’re almost done with that process.  Help the body regulate blood sugar levels naturally.  Be smart on how you eat.  Minimize use of medications and side effects and dependency issues.

If we could manage our blood sugar without medication, would that be of interest to you?  Absolutely.  Would it be of interest to you to be on your medication, make some changes and realize you might not had to use as much medication?  Would that be cool?  Yeah.  “Doc, guess what?  Check my blood sugar or the last two weeks.  I made some significant changes in my lifestyle and how I eat, and my blood sugar is really low.  You think we can modify my medication?”  Absolutely, you’ll be doing that.

So, we want to prevent the medication in the first place, and if you have it, we want to minimize damage.  Prevent complications because you can have diabetes.  People with diabetes right now, anyone can make drastic changes and have it under control.

Here’s some herbs. I’m not spend time on it because I don’t have time to, but I can e-mail it to you, some herbs and nutrients that have been shown by way of studies that help with diabetes.  Here’s more.  There’s a ton of stuff out there for diabetes.

So, in closing, diabetes is very close to my heart. I remember at a young age when my grandmother come from Minnesota to visit my family.  She would, in the morning, have to pinch her arm, and then she’d take a syringe and inject the insulin right there. I mean, I was very young. I was like a kid, and it was just kind of like no big deal.  Diabetes, okay.  I didn’t really know what that meant, but I wonder now.  I wonder if she had this information and if we were able to achieve some lifestyle changes in my grandmother, I wonder if we’d be able to avoid the dementia that she went through and all the difficulties that she had.  I’d never know.

Who do you know with diabetes?  Unfortunately, I probably know people that have it that don’t know they have it.  So, you guys got to think long and hard, not only about other people but also about yourself because you guys have these issues.  You may not have diabetes, but I’ve seen enough paperwork, just the assessment forms, that so many of you guys have blood sugar issues.

I don’t know how much more to stress this that you guys got to get this one under control.  Many of you guys have made some massive changes just in the two weeks that you’ve gone through this cleanse.  The last week’s been very strict, very difficult for some of you, but man, have there been some changes in you guys.  Crazy.  I lost 15 pounds.  In two weeks? Crazy. Ten pounds? I’m up to two times a day.  From what? Every other.

So, there’s some serious things that are changing in you guys now, and that’s only after two freaking weeks.  Give your body another week. Give your body another month.  I’m excited for you, guys, if you’re excited to take that on.

So, thank you for your time.  Next week is the last day.  Next week is like the last day of the cleanse.  I’m good. I’m just like excited for Friday night.  I’m ready.

Topic next week is what’s next.  We’re going to talk now that the fast is done, what’s next?  We’re going to talk about adding foods back into your system and your menu, and we’re going to talk about the last diet.  A little taste of the last diet is it’s a three-month menu of what to eat including recipes, recipes that can go deep, but it’s a three-month cookbook/shopping list.  Really, it’s broken down for you, and some of you guys will do this.

If you follow this, you’re not starving yourself by any means.  It will require more time to prepare your food because these are recipes.  You’ve got to cook the food, you know?  I mean like meatloaf, which some people aren’t excited about.  This one’s really healthy and good, or beef and cabbage and stuffed chicken and good stuff.

So, we’ll talk about that next time, but I thank you guys for your time.  I’ll see you guys next week.  Enjoy tomorrow’s breakfast as much as I wouldn’t.  I’ll take questions.  You guys, feel free to go.

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Spring Cleaning P4

You ate all her food.  She didn’t get any. 

Yeah. I was like, I came out asking for a hamburger.

So, traditional medical model treatment approach, unfortunately, is medication, and their primarily goal is to lower your blood sugar.  Remember the analogy that we used for the house on fire?  The primary goal of the primary department is to put out the fire, and I will use any and all tools, means to get that job done.

You have diabetes.  You have an inflammatory process. Your blood sugar is so high. I’m going to do everything I can to get that under control, which they do, but once the fire is out, who do you call to rebuild the house? Do you use the hoses and the axes to rebuild the house?  No.  It requires a different mindset.

That analogy works really well with diabetes.  Unfortunately, what they do is they say, “Okay, here have this medication for the rest of your life.  We’re going to monitor your blood sugar.  We’re going to have to make some additions, subtractions.  We’ll keep it monitored.  Stay on the medication.  Don’t miss it. Don’t miss your medications.  By the way, go out and change.  Make sure you’re not eating these,” as opposed to, “Look, you’re going to have to change your lifestyle massively.”

The whole, “by the way” kind of thing is really that 80% to 90% of importance.  Medication should be when things get out of control.  If you’re monitoring, go ahead and use that medication.  Keep it at bay.  Unfortunately, it’s flip-flopped, and unfortunately, it’s because our nation wants that.  We want you to eat our crack and just take the medication to make it go away.  That’s our medication.  That’s the way we are.  That’s the way we’re trained. I mean, how many commercials have you seen of people happy, jumping through fields of lilies for a drug?  You have no idea what it does or what it’s for, but they look happy.  You want to be happy, too.

Some side effects maybe that you want to crap yourself after taking this medication.

Yeah.  We have this one doctor who was making a joke about a medication, and I can’t remember the drug.   We were, “If you’re a man and you experience an erection for four hours, please call your doctor.” I mean, if I experience an erection for four hours, I’m not calling my doctor.

So, let’s change gears.  Let’s talk drugs.  This is my least favorite subject in all of school. I just slept through that class. I could not develop the interest.  First of all, realize this. If your goal is to reduce blood sugar, medical doctors are very good with physiology.  They know how pathways work.

If you look at every single pathway that you have in your body as it pertains to sugar, and lowering sugar, they’ll look to control one little enzyme or set down something or make something reaction.  So, these seven methods are all different pathways or categories of how we control your blood sugar or how your body controls blood sugar.

So, with drugs, they will increase insulin secretion from beta cells. Your beta cells in your pancreas produce insulin.  So, they will give you a drug that will boost that because insulin is what reduces blood sugar by taking it into your cells or producing glycogen or fat, even.

They also give you a drug to inhibit or stop carbohydrate digestion.  In other words, from the moment you put the food in your mouth, what your body decides to break and use as sugar, let’s control that just like if you don’t want to be fat, don’t consume fat.  So, we’ll give you something that will bind with the fat so that I won’t even be absorbed by the body.

They also give you a drug that will delay the ingestion of carbohydrates.  They’ll give you drugs that will decrease the liver sugar output.  Remember, if you’re on a bicycle and you’re going for how many miles and your body’s out of glucose, let’s break down some glycogen.  Well, it will decrease the liver’s ability to do that.

There are some drugs that will the increase insulin-dependent glucose use in muscles.  In other words, muscles, let’s make sure you’re using more glucose.  There are some drugs that will increase your tissue’s sensitivity to insulin.  In other words, it will just make it use it better or faster.  Then, there’s obviously, we’ll just change the dosage and the insulin in your body.

That’s how they get it done. Those will fall into these categories of drug.  So, if you have diabetes or know someone who has diabetes, don’t be surprised if they’re in two or three or four different families of medications to achieve those different processes.  Don’t try pronouncing them, but each one will have different drugs in them.  These are the families, again, with the goal of what we just talked about.

Who wants to play a game?  You guys can all be one team.  Let’s play the common sense game, shall we?  Question number one: What do you think happens to the beta cells when you force your beta cells to produce more and more insulin by way of drugs?

Beta cells get exhausted.  What do beta cells do?  Produce insulin found in the pancreas.  Here’s a bonus question:  If they get exhausted, what then can happen?  They get exhausted, burnt out, and they shut down, which is called diabetes.

We’re killing ourselves.

We’re killing ourselves with the medication that they’re using to put out the fire.  Well, they’re focused on reducing blood sugar, right?  I get that, but just realize that to manage it is a whole other level.  It’s common sense, though, right?  I mean, you guys are not doctors, right?

What do you think happens when you force the pancreas to release more and more insulin, not just to produce more but to release what it has?  It becomes dependent upon that.  It becomes resistant to doing it on its own.  Make sense?

What do you think happens when you inhibit your digestive system’s ability to break down the food that you’re consuming?  No energy.  Even worse than that, if you tell your system to stop working, it does.  Doesn’t that sound silly to you?

If you did that for a very long period of time, you wouldn’t be alive.

That’s exactly right.  If you don’t use your shoulder long enough, it’s going to freeze.  If you don’t exercise, your bone density’s going to go down on fat called Wolff’s Law.

What do you think happens when you force your tissues to be more sensitive to insulin? Hint, cocaine, antibiotics, painkillers. “You know what, doc?  The medication doesn’t seem to be working like it was before.”  “Oh, no problem.  Let’s just increase the dose.” “You know, I was doing good, but I don’t think it’s doing good anymore.” Have you guys heard of antibiotic resistance to bacteria?

It requires more and more to produce the same or less effect.  Increased resistance, insulin resistance. Anyone getting depressed yet?

What do you think happens when you give insulin? You gain weight, for sure.  If I’m giving you insulin, you say your body will stop producing it. Well, tissues become more insulin-resistant, but you’re absolutely right.  So, like in a team, if someone’s doing all the work, I’m going to go on vacation.  Thanks, doc.

So, how common is common sense?  It’s actually very dangerous? “Well, but it’s what my medical doctor said I need to do.”  You’re absolutely right.  Who here knows diabetic patients that started with one medication then to another medication of another family then to another medication of a different family, and now they’re threatening you, “Look, if things don’t change, we’re going to have to put on the insulin.”  It’s like the biggest threat.  Diabetics get like, “I know what this is.”

Then, when we talk with them, “Look, you’re going to have to make some lifestyle changes.”  “I don’t want to give up my coffee and my donut in the morning.” Then, you want to talk about dying sooner.

I keep on my desk.  Actually, it came out March 15th.  So, a month ago.  LA Times. I don’t read the newspaper often, but this day, I happened to.  Maybe once a week.  “Intensive Therapy May Hurt Diabetics”.  That kind of sparked my interest.  What’s this?  Studies suggest that doctors may have reached the limit on what they can do.  What!?  I’ve got to read more.

Then I read the other point about a thing written by Dr. Denize Morton.  It said, “The standard care approaches are pretty good.” Huh!? You’re kidding, right?  I know what the standard approaches are.  They suck.  People are dying as a result of the standard approaches.  They’re not pretty good.  It actually says that if we try to go beyond that, it doesn’t provide any additional benefit.  No joke.  In fact, it makes them worse.  The article even talks about how another person goes on more therapy in order to reduce their blood sugar levels or the hypertension or lipid panels.  It makes them sicker or worse.  Their lifestyle goes down.

So, I’m like, “I’ve got to read this whole thing here,” but the good news is always a bright side.  She says, “The following show that this will reduce the cost and potential side effects of drug therapy.” It means that patients will not have to work as hard at reducing sugar and lipid and blood pressure.

Okay, first of all, I must be looking at something a little bit different here. I see the good side that now that studies support that more drugs are not better and recommending them is a bad idea, that’s going to save on costs.  I got you.  I’m with you.

Yes, by not having those things, those extra things, will minimize all the side effects. I agree with you, but to say that a person has to now not work as hard to lower these different things, you’re on some cocaine.  Okay.

My personal opinion, I love that.  Her personal opinion is that we need to put more effort and prevention.  No kidding.  By the way, she’s like big whoop-di-do somewhere with the National Heart, Lung, Blood Institute.  She says that if we prevent diabetes in the first place, we reduce risk.  Once they have diabetes and risk factors, we, as doctors, are never going to be able to treat down to a level of risk as if they have never had the disease or diabetes.  That is absolutely true.

In other words, work out your salvation. Look, this is a serious matter. If you don’t take care of this now before you’re full on diabetic, it’s never going to be easier.  What’s scary is this happened a month ago, and this is still news.  Man, we’ve got a lot of work to do.

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Spring Cleaning P3

So, just like your helping to support your adrenals, you don’t want to cut the adrenals down like, “I’m going to treat myself to a cup of Starbucks, a big one.” Caffeine is bad like cocaine.

What other kinds of things besides caffeine?

Anything that’ll stimulate you.  Stimulus.  There are some healthy stimulants like your styles and all that stuff, but you know.  Education is vital.  You guys have gone through a course, so far, of now the fourth lecture of education on these things.  You guys know more about these topics even though you guys don’t really know it.  You guys have just been bombarded with information that you haven’t quite absorbed, but you guys know more than some people out there.  It’s not even funny.

You’re going to go to your doctor and say, “Can you tell me a little bit more about reactive hypoglycemia?” “So, how do you feel today? How can I help you?” So, hopefully, you guys will identify that you have these conditions, and you’ll take it upon yourself to dig more because this is you.  No one should care more about your health than you.  You’re kind of brainwashed.  It’s scary.

Bring out the Amway.  Let’s go.  Great soap by the way.  We’re not selling it.

So, let’s change here.  Let’s talk about high blood sugar conditions.  You see insulin resistance and diabetes.  You know, before I mentioned insulin resistance.  For the sake of tonight, I’m combining early insulin resistance and insulin resistance together.

So, the problem with chronic hyperglycemia, the problem with having too much blood sugar is this:  If you have too much blood sugar in your system, it will oxidize into something called a free radical.  Has anyone heard that term before?


Free radicals are connected, based on your memory, with what?  Cancer. Anything else?

Heart disease.

What’s that?  Heart disease.  Anything else?  Atherosclerosis.  Anything else?  What about like wrinkles? Come on.  Skin. Wrinkles.  I’ve seen enough commercials.  I’ve seen enough, my wife’s into Cosmo.  They’re always fun to read. I read it for the articles.

When you look at this, it will start to cause inflammation in the body, and that will destroy body tissues.  So, you want to know why diabetic patients have these problems?  Because their tissue’s being destroyed by this inflammatory process.  What tissues?  Your eyes.  What’s the number one cause of diabetes in the United States?  Diabetes.

Kidneys, which can cause kidney failure.  Nerves.  The number one cause of neuropathy is diabetes.  Skin conditions.  Mucus membranes, which is in our gut and our mouth.  Fetus, pregnancy stuff.  Pancreas.  Fat. Muscle.  Liver.  The vascular system.  Blood sugar that’s chronically high will destroy your body in a slow and a terrible, ugly, and unhappy process.

This is why I said, the first time we met, “If you guys are okay with the concept of having diabetes and just being, ‘I’ve accepted it.  It runs in my family. I’m told I’m going to have it.  I’m just expecting to have it.’” Also, realize what that entails if it goes unmanaged.  Okay?  This is a free country.  We’re blessed with free will.

So, insulin resistance.  Let’s talk about this.  Again, early insulin resistance, insulin resistance is also called metabolic syndrome and syndrome X.  They’re all synonymous with insulin resistance.  It’s something that we’re learning more and more of.  There’s more research about it which is good because with more research comes more education, which means we can do something about it.

So, insulin resistance.  Your cell receptor sites that will connect with the insulin, in other words, these locks which are waiting for the key to be unlocked so that the glucose can go in, they become unresponsive.  This is due to many, many different physiological mechanisms.  We’re not going to go through them tonight, but this can be found to be a contradicting factor for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, hormone metabolism disorder, obesity, and certain kinds of cancer, which are all the same kinds of things that happen as a result of diabetes. You’ll see that it makes sense.

Some symptoms include fatigue because fatigue is about energy, and energy in our body is glucose.  Cravings for sugar.  Inability to lose weight.  Constant hunger. Fatigue after meals, and migrating aches and pains. This kind of looks like diabetes just not as bad.

The signs and all those lab results, all the things that we can measure with you are all these things.  Is there a way that we can detect this?  Yes, there is.  Is it being checked for by our medical professionals?  Not as much as really want it to.

Your baby’s not on silent.  What happened? She’s saying, “Hi.”

So, elevated glucose, elevated insulin, elevated triglycerides.  Looking at the ratio between cholesterol and triglycerides, you have low HDL, which is the good stuff, elevated uric acid, and increased waist-hip ratio.  I’ll give you specifics on that.  Elevated blood pressure and central obesity.

So, this is how this syndrome, based on the studies are being diagnosed.  Clinically, this is how they’re being picked up on.  If you have three of these five, you have syndrome X.  Your abdominal obesity, your circumference.  For men, it’s 40 inches.  For women, it’s 35 inches.  I know it’s not fair.  Men get more leeway than women.

Fasting glucose greater than or equal to 110 and less than 126.  Blood pressure greater than or equal to 130/80.  Triglycerides greater than or equal to 150.  These numbers don’t really make sense to you guys unless you’ve had a blood works done.  Even then, all your doctor typically looks at is the column that’s bolded, high, low.

HDL cholesterol, men, under 40.  For women, 50.  So, if you have three of these, you have insulin resistance based on the studies being done.  Who says they might have this problem?

What’s the HDL got to do with that one?

Your ability to deal to with fat.  It’s HDL.  LDL transport the cholesterol in a wide response. You’ll see a lot of fat panels when we look at blood sugar.

So, the treatment for insulin resistance. Well, unfortunately, the treatment and medical models are lacking because it’s like most people don’t even know about it, but they will technical say, “Well, based on this, you’re a borderline diabetic. I suggest you make some lifestyle changes.  Watch the sugars.  Don’t eat the sugars. Don’t eat bananas.  Lose some weight and exercise,” rather than, “You’re going to die.  Can you hear me now?”

So, they need to get in your face and have a serious heart to heart conversation with you about this situation because otherwise, you are going to part of the diabetic population.  One out of four, really?  How do we deal with it functionally?  Hold that thought.  We’re going to talk about it when we get to diabetes.  Same answer.

So, diabetes type II. It’s diagnosed by having two consecutive fasting blood sugar tests that are elevated with the references that you read, over 108, over 100. Depending on the people that you talk about to, they use 108, even 100.  Having two of those consecutively, you have diabetes.  Does that mean you’re doomed to death?  No because there are different levels and variation.  Symptoms are similar to insulin resistance, just worse.

Causes.  Well, there’s a genetic predisposition which can completely be kept at bay by leading a healthy, happy lifestyle.  Having insulin resistance and secondary to other illnesses or medication.

Here are some risk factors.  Take a look at them.  Older than 45.  You’re like, “Okay, check.”  Obesity.  Check. Family history of diabetes.  DM, diabetes mellitus.  That’s the kind diabetes we’re talking about.  There are different types of diabetes.  We’re talking about diabetes mellitus.  If you’re Hispanic, native American, African-American, Asian-American, Pacific Islander, any correlation thereof, you’re at risk.  That’s pretty much everyone in the room except those two guys.

So, that song that I know called “Kill White” worked. Give me the five-minute warning so that Michael and I can leave early.

You’re right.  It’s not often that my wife is a minority in the room.

History of chronic glucose tolerance issues, hypertensions, lipid problems known as not enough high density and too much of the triglycerides.  That’s a lot of triglycerides, over 250, and a history of gestational diabetes.  In other words, when you’re pregnant, you have diabetic issues, or if you have a baby that was over 9 pounds.   I was 10 pounds.

That’s why my mom has back problems.

Okay, once I found out what a C-section. I had no idea because I was just a small thing.  Once I found out, I was like, “Mom, sorry.  I had no idea what I was a C-section.”  What she went through was just. Ow.

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Spring Cleaning P2

This is what we don’t like, lipogenesis.  Lipo means fat.  Genesis means creation of.  So, creation of fat.  For those of you who are looking to lose weight and if you have extra weight, a good thing that helps you mentally rather than saying “I’m fat” is to mentally start telling yourself and understanding that you have extra energy that you are able to burn.  The mindset is powerful when this comes to weight loss and this issue.

So, here’s some labs that we use to evaluate blood sugar condition.  One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, if I counted right.  Diabetics typically will have their blood sugar checked by finger every morning or numerous times during the day depending on how aggressive their situation is, and what are they measuring? Blood sugar, not fasting.  When you have a blood panel on you, you have to be fasting for at least 12 hours, but we need at least 10.  We typically find someone that will cheat a little bit.

Triglycerides, total cholesterol, LDL, LDH, sodium, potassium are all things that we look at.  This last one, the diabetics, hopefully you have heard of this before, hemoglobin A1c.  That is a part of your red blood cell that binds to glucose in your blood.  This is a better indicator of how your body has been doing with its blood sugar levels over a long period of time.  Glucose depends upon whether you ate or not.  This one does not.  This gives us a picture of how you’ve done for the past number of months.  So, people are starting to use this more often.  Unfortunately, it’s still not a typical thing when they’re diagnosing blood sugar.  It’s unfortunate.

Let’s talk about some specific conditions.  If you think of blood sugar conditions, there’s two families.  The family on the left is the low blood family while the right is the high blood sugar family.  Well, you see two that red.  These are the only two that really exist in the world of your true medical model.  That’s a problem because here, guess what?  It’s too late.  In other words, you’ve got to minimize the damage.

Hypoglycemia, you’ll see it tonight that their definition of hypoglycemia is kind twisted.  So, we’re going to talk more than the minimum.  Let’s get into it.

So, hypoglycemia.  Hypoglycemia, by definition, means hunger or less or not enough or underproduction.  Glycemia is, emia is blood and gly is the sugar.  So, low sugar in the blood.  You guys are learning Latin tonight.  In this day and age, by diagnosis it’s very rare to be labeled with this diagnosis based on the standards that are being used today.  Let me explain why.

When you do a fasting blood glucose test on you, in order for you to be officially diagnosed with hypoglycemia, you have to be below the pathologic range.  You guys remember the pathologic curve?  Remember the functional range?  Remember the pathologic range?  So, you have to be below the pathologic range.

Now, our functional range when we evaluate you guys is between 85 to 100.  Most laboratories, their pathologic range will be below 60.  The most popular lab in the United States uses 45. That’s really low.  So, you would have significant hypoglycemia symptoms way before you even hit that number, and by that time, you’ve got some other significant issues going on.  I mean, if you’re that point, you get up and faint.  So, that’s not really a very usable definition by our standards, but it’s still the definition standard of hypoglycemia is to have a fasting blood sugar below that pathologic range.  Not good enough for us.

So, what are some causes of hypoglycemia?  Well, no eating, abnormal cortisol levels from hypoadrenemia.  In other words, your adrenal glands are not producing effectively.  Remember, we talked about the association between those two things?  Hypothyroidism is also another cause.  Drug side effects.  If you’re taking drugs, you’ve got to look at side effects and tumors, all different kinds, especially if they’re related to thyroid.

Here’s some symptoms.  Symptoms are things that you feel.  So, fatigue in the afternoon, mental confusion without meals, lethargy, headaches, blurred vision, and sleep challenges.  Some of you are like, “I could probably see that with myself.” You’ll feel these before you get to that 45 level of glucose.  You’ll feel these things.

So, the typical treatment.  Well, based on laboratory results, if you have hypoglycemia, you need to eat better.  Okay.  What do I have?  You’re going to be blown away by this phrase that you have been labeled with, and everything after that, you’re kind of like, “Huh?” Then, they’re already out of the room for the next patient.  That’s not uncommon, right?

So, the problem is that even if they say, “Let’s eat properly now,” other factors have been ignore like the adrenals, for example.  You have to address the adrenal relationship.  They also fail to stress the important of controlling the issue.  Have some snacks.  Have frequent, small meals.  Make sure you have protein with every meal.”  Very general, brief kind of recommendations, no, “Okay, you don’t realize.  This is life-threatening.  If you don’t get this thing under control, your body’s going to be screwed up for a very long time.”

If your doctor spoke to you on that level, you might kind of listen.  “What?  What?  Huh?” Right?  So, it’s vital that you are educated on how to properly eat when you have this condition. Guess what? You guys, starting tomorrow, will be eating the more appropriate way to manage this kind of thing.

So, the other problem, medical doctors, when you look at their training in terms of nutrition, very low.  I have a very good friend who is a registered dietitian, and she told me a number of different experiences that she’s had with her medical doctors that scare here because they’re barking orders at her when what they’re saying is really contraindicated for a person’s condition.  So, she has to tell the doctor because you can’t in front of a patient.  They’ll just freak out, but they just have no clue.  That’s kind of how they are with back pain.

Let’s talk about reactive hypoglycemia.  Reactive hypoglycemia is that area that you’re not full on diagnosed with hypoglycemia.  Reactive hypoglycemia is reactive.  In other words, you have hypoglycemia as a reaction to something else.  What is that something else?  Eating.  When you’re eating, your body changes.  That’s an indication.  So, a decrease in blood sugar within 2 to 5 hours after you meal, and this is due to abnormal fluctuations in the insulin and the cortisol.  I have this.

Now, things to know about this.  Diets high in simple sugars in conjunction with missing meals is the recipe for destruction.  Isn’t that some recipe for destruction?

Sounds like an AC/DC song.

Maybe Guns N Roses when I had my long hair.

So, this is crucial that you guys get this.  You guys got to get this.  This is an early stage of insulin resistance.  If this is not controlled, you’ll go down the path of diabetes.  If you guys don’t realize how serious diabetes is, I encourage you to go online.  Do a Google search for diabetes, and go to image.  You know what I’m talking about on top?  Click “Images”, and take a look at some of the pictures of what diabetes can do.  Read some of the blogs of people with diabetes.

So, a typical profile for a person with hypoglycemia is that they miss meals.  They eat foods high in sugar, sweets, carbs.  They depend upon caffeine.  They crash in the afternoon due to a lack of energy. Does this sound true to anyone yet?  They crave sweets and salt all day like, “Didn’t I just see you with a back of Doritos chips and now you’re eating a Snickers bar?” It’s like they’ve got this, “I need to have my sweet, my salt, or the other.”  They have a hard time waking up in the morning and a hard time sleeping through the night.   Sound familiar?  Yeah.

Anybody need tissues for crying?  No.

Well, this is the other dangerous part for this condition.  There is no lab.  This is not something that’s getting tested or screened for.  This is not something that you read about in the newspaper.  The awareness of this level of this condition is squat.  So, if labs don’t show it, then there’s going to be no treatment offered by a medical doctor.  There’s no pamphlet he’s going to give you.  He’s not even going to recommend that you’re going to change your eating habits.  He won’t even know.  Ignorance is not bliss in this scenario.

So, how do we deal with it?  I mean, I’ve got it.  I tell myself I still have it because I want to maintain a certain way that I eat, but the way that we look at you when we do blood work on you is we look at two specific things in this case.  We look at glucose if it’s less than 85. In other words, between the 85 mark and the pathologic range, you’re in the reactive hypoglycemia.  It’s not a full on hypoglycemia, but you’ve got the reactive portion of it, and/or an HDL that’s less than 140.  So, we can pick up on it before it actually hits you.

Management.  Well, guess what?  It’s back to changing eating habits again.  You guys are going to say, “Over and over and over again.”  Change your eating habits, you’ve got to.  Eating breakfast even if you feel nauseated.  If you look at that, and you’re like, “I’m going to hurl,” get it down.  Even if at first it’s a little bit at a time, you have to reprogram your body’s hormones so that you don’t get that nauseated feeling.  That nauseated feeling is related to your adrenals.  You have to reprogram your body.  As my father would say, “Develop an interest.”  You have to deal with the adrenal issues. You have to, have to, have to and avoid adrenal stimulus.

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Spring Cleaning

watch the video: | |

Okay, Let’s go for it.  Home stretch.  So, how bad has it really been?  This last week is tough.  As I told you, I’m so looking forward to tomorrow’s breakfast.  So, to tell you guys, I’ve actually no problem with this.  I’ve enjoyed this, this process.  Yeah, I’m ready for some products of the animals.

So, how are you guys feeling?  I know some of you guys have had a lot of digestive issues going on as a result of this detoxification phase, and that is to be expected.  Your body’s probably getting more fire in this last week than in the last two months, a lot of fire.  So, it’s not uncommon to have that.

Who, here, thinks that now they could actually survive on a vegetarian lifestyle? I don’t prefer to either, but I feel I have to. Yes.  You found out that chicken wasn’t organically fed and how bad that really was, or cow meat, beef, was really bad unless it was prepared or grown or grazed naturally through the fields rather than pumped full of hormones rather than these other things.  If you really found how bad that stuff was, which we’re not going to talk about.

So, does anyone want to share an experience so far?  We’re two weeks into it.  I mean, you guys have survived the most difficult part of the entire process so next week is going to be easy.  What’s that? No, it gets easier from here now. It gets easier. Anyone want to share anything?  Experiences? How they’ve done, results they’ve tracked?

I’m wearing my tester.  Anyone have a pair of pants that they… Test belt.  Yeah, test belt.  Test pants.  We all have an outfit that like, “Man, uh oh. I’m growing out of it.  I’d rather watch myself.”  I heard women have certain pairs of jeans.  I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but I’m assuming that’s true.  Does anyone have any experiences they want to share?

I’ll share.  I had some high blood pressure so I’m on real life medication, but I wish I had taken my blood pressure before I started this. I didn’t think about it.

I wouldn’t suspect too much of a change within two weeks because that’s one of the things that changes more slowly, but if you were to compare it in a month.  Cholesterol’s usually a month.  Yeah, your cholesterol’s going down.  Anything else? Yes?

I’ve been going through several medical issues, and my sister’s with me a lot.  A lot of times she’s eating lunch with us or dinner with us, and she told me when she tests in the morning, her blood sugar is good.  That was from the lentil stew and the stewed veggies.

Yeah.  Where are my diabetics here? Okay. So, tonight’s for you, guys, but really for everyone else because you guys already know you have diabetes.  Tonight’s all about blood sugar.

So, studies indicate that diabetes will bankrupt the nation’s health care system.  A study in 2004 said one out of four Americans have diabetes.  That’s a lot. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, amputation, and neuropathy.  How many are in the room?  There are 27 in the room so you do the math, Matt.

That’s a lot of cases, seven people, and how many raised their hands? 


So, five of you don’t know that you have diabetes right now based on that statistic, and I know it’s not me so you guys are in trouble.

Neuropathy is a nerve problem.  Diabetic neuropathy is something that your nerve endings start to die to the point where you don’t even feel the bottom of your foot. In which case, when you would step on a rock in your shoe, normally you take it out, but if you don’t feel it, you just keep walking on it.  That just starts tearing the flesh.  Your muscles can’t even win so at that point, it just starts eating away at the flesh to the point where because you have the diabetic neuropathy, the tissue doesn’t heal because you don’t have nerve innervation to that tissue.  Your immune system won’t respond the same way.  It won’t grow.

In fact, they’ve done studies where they take a rat, poor rat, where they will pinch a nerve going down one side of the body and slice that arm and slice the arm on the other side.  Then they’ll see a massive difference in the healing of the sides.  So, nerve problem’s bad.

So, why do we have this huge problem?  Well, unfortunately it’s out diet, high saturated fat at that and lots of refined sugars.  So, unfortunately, the term diet, food, it’s a lot.  Unfortunately, it’s what has to change.

Does anyone know any diabetics that have neuropathies?  It’s not pretty.  So, why is blood sugar so important?   Well, any imbalances in your blood sugar will disrupt what different physiologic pathways?  Every single pathologic pathway is affected by blood sugar issues.  Why is that?

When you have an increase in your oxidative stress.  We’ll get into that. I try not too technical, but at the same time, I need to get a little technical so that you guys realize the impact of what we’re doing here.  So, if I lose you, let me know or give me a glazed over look, and I’ll try to back up.

We need glucose because it’s our energy.  We need this energy for our brain to function and for muscles to work.  Any bodily function needs glucose.  Glucose is how we get that energy.  Does anybody remember the Krebs cycle from school?  You guys memorize this funky little thing that didn’t make any sense to you whatsoever on your physiology test, but you needed to memorize it just to pass?  No.  That’s right.  Short term memory, right? Your brain is trying to memorize it the night before.

So, unfortunately, I have to go over some terms and definitions, but I try to keep it simple.

I believe it’s nine ATP produced by one cycle.                                

Oh, stop it.  So, insulin.  Everyone’s heard of insulin before.  Insulin is good or bad?  Depends.  So, it’s a hormone secreted by the pancreas.  The pancreas is that organ that’s deep down right here, and it stimulates the uptake of glucose in the cells.  In other words, it’s the key that unlocks the cell to allow glucose to go through the door just like magnesium is the key that unlocks the bone cell to get calcium in the door, but insulin is a hormone, and it promotes glycogen production.

Glycogen production is really a type of storage.  It’s a form of glucose being stored in your muscle. In other words, when you don’t need all the glucose, insulin will say, “Well, we’ve got enough glucose in the body.  Let’s store it somewhere.”  So, it will store it a couple of different ways.

One, it’s going to store it in the muscle tissue, which is good.  That’s why you see marathon runners or documentary on Tour de France athletes and what their meals look like a couple of days before they race.  I’m talking about massive amounts of pasta.  I don’t want to get you guys hungry, but these guys were just sucking down constantly.  That’s because it’s stored in their muscle tissue to be used and broken down into glucose when they need it.

The other place where insulin will decide to store glucose is the thing that we don’t like.  Fat.  So, glucose will be stored in different ways.  One is in a good storage system, in the muscle, and the other one is fat.  We’ll talk more about that in a second.  Insulin, if you can’t make more insulin, in other words, your body is unable to produce insulin, you now have a condition called diabetes.  Diabetes type II we’ll talk about.  Type I I’m not going to talk about much.

Type I is you probably have a problem from youth.  Maybe a virus itself caused some kind of autoimmune condition or your body started attacking the cells that produce insulin.  We’re not going to talk about that tonight.  We’re going to talk about the type II tonight.

The problem with the type II is that your cells become desensitized to insulin, and this is why someone says, specifically a doctor, says to you, “You’ve got borderline diabetes.  Make some changes.” Unfortunately, our population has become desensitized to “borderline” diabetes.  What’s that really mean?  It has no impact in my life.  It doesn’t strike fear in my soul when you say “borderline” diabetes.  In fact, it means I don’t have to make much changes at all.  It’s no big deal. I don’t have it.  I’m good. Right?

That’s not the case.  It’s actually a pretty ugly situation.  So, insulin resistance is when you have problems with your blood sugar, but you don’t have full on diabetes yet.  We’re going to talk more about this.  I’m just going to give you guys a little taste before we get a little deeper on some things because some of you have a certain syndrome X.  Some of you have insulin resistance.

Medication, unfortunately, is how you are managed as a diabetic.  That is the traditional medical model today.  Medication.  In fact, the first thing we do is go into medication tonight, but you’re like, “We don’t have diabetes.  Why do we need to go into medication?”  It’s because you need to go into the process with which when you get diabetes, for the five of you that don’t know yet, god forbid, it’s helpful if you understand the processes.

Cortisol.  Does that sound familiar? Cortisol comes from where?  Yes.  It’s the stress hormone associated with the adrenal glands, and, in many ways, cortisol works not opposite but different than insulin. Insulin takes your glucose and takes it into a cell, right?  Cortisol tells the body, “I need more glucose.”  So, when you’re stressed out, when you’re about to fight this lion that’s about to consume you, your body gets stressed out.  It gets a signal sent out, “I need more energy.  Produce more glucose because I’m about to run or about to have this fight with this lion.”

So, the body’s like, “I need energy.”  So, cortisol because of that stress response, will tell your body to produce more glucose, break it down.  This is why adrenal problem such as what we’ve talked about in the past are so important to diagnose and manage if you have any level of blood sugar problem.  If you ignore your adrenal glands, as a diabetic, as an insulin-resistant person, as a hyperglycemic, you will not have success managing your blood sugar.

So, are you saying, Dr. Don, that if my doctor’s not managing my adrenal, I will never have my diabetes under control?  Yes.  That’s exactly what I’m saying.  Does it happen? All day long.

Glycogen.  Glycogen is that form that we talked about with glucose that’s stored in muscle and liver.  We already talked about if you eat, liver tissues will absorb that glucose and store the extra glucose there as glycogen.  Glycogen is that form of glucose.  We don’t need to talk about those other terms.

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7 Day Detox Diet Plan P4



So what’s the liver role in weightless? Well it lays a major roles in carbohydrates metabolism and has a relationship with insulin and blood sugar so we want to look after our lover. Like I was just mentioning before it stores and releases glucose and it produces it. When our liver metabolises sugar and carbohydrates it stores some of it in the liver as that glycogen   that later uses energy when we are not actual eating and it also the stores the excess as fat cells. Thanks liver, its doing its job thorough because it has to put the excess sugar somewhere.



The liver can also break down those proteins and fats when out body needs more glucose which is why it’s often when you’re losing weight, cutting back a little bit on food is good.  It gives your body a chance to break down some of the fat stores for use as energy. So an overloaded liver = lack of blood sugar control = weight gain = cravings = fatigue. Some of these things that we’re actually eliminating from our diet are actually major contributors to both wright gain and for cravings. Getting the sugar out of our diet is really a big healing factor in bringing all of these things under control. It’s very  easy  even when we eat a clean diet  to  stray a  little  bit and think ok  I can have a little bit of natural sugars and ten all of a sudden  a little bit of natural sugars  might turn into an everyday affair , I often see that  happen so not a good thing .



We often think moderation means every day but moderation might mean once per week or once every couple of weeks. Our liver also helps to balance key weight loss hormones such as our estrogenic, cortisol and insulin. Cortisol is very imprint as we were staying before it’s  our stress hormone and when we are triggering that  off and that does get triggered  but diet factors also lifestyle ,that actually  pushes our blood sugar level  up , that actually promotes the  release of insulin and when we are  trying to lose weight , when we want to lose weight and  keep a health y weight  keeping our blood sugar normalise without those big peaks and  trust is really the key   objekjctoove . He liver helps to do that and during this detox were trying to take hold of all of those stress factors off the liver. We are helping it with the milk thistly, we are drinking lots of water to help eliminate those toxins and bit his need of the week you should be really feeling a lot more refreshed. Another thing this the liver helps to do is to balance nor transmitters serotonin and dopamine.


These hormones are involved  in our  sleep , appetite and mood  and  you’ve probably heard  of them before , particularly  serotonin and its relationship  to mood but the liver ad digestive  tract are actually involved in making serotonin and making it and breaking it down .  So when the liver is actually overloaded it cane actually do this properly. Things like binging can actually be related to serotonin and deletion. One of the reasons why we reach for cookies , muffins  , chocolates and maybe the sweets  is because it helps to temporarily  raise those esartonane  levels and you probably heard  already about that somewhere  in relation to chocolate that it helps  to boost your serotonin levels and that’s because  it does momentarily . Believe it or nor serotonin also influences  our body  image and our perception of ourselves so when we have toes lows serotonin  levels  it   quails that which we look in the mirror we see an  image that we don’t like .


Those low serotonin levels can often lead to night eating or binging as well. It’s really interesting that these organs are actually involved in some of the really important processes that are occurring in our lives and our connection with food is also tired up n that as well.  I find  that  it really helps me to learn more and more about  the stuff and the reasons behind why I want to take care  of myself , not just the  for the fact  for I will do a quick detox  for a quick fix to lose weight but more to learn about   things and process  on how I can look after my body  in the long  term.


A detox such as this is something you can do vey season. You might think ok it’s a new season , it’s time for  a 7 day detox   just to  really  refocus and realign yourself with  that cleaning style , bring your body back into focus , bring you mind back into focus  because been in that three month periods  as you’re going through and that season  we can stray away  perhaps  an ideal  our we might even be trying to take on a  new goal . This 7 day detox is something that you might try to bring into your life on a regular basis and do every season for one week   and you actually find that you would have ajar health benefits from doing so.


Caroline  just said  “This is so for  me , I really eat really clean for   months and then I have a week where  I binge and  I put on three kilos,  usually  at that  time of the month ” .  Interesting thing for women, that’s true   that time of the month can be during your period. Try and increase magenrsusum as well during that time   because we can fete  be  depleted in magnesium m a little bit , getting little  bit more out door expense helps to boost  serotonin levels during that  time of the month  . I guess having a little bit of a loan around that time of the month is good. Maybe you can get into making  your own chocolate and keeping a tighter  regime around a meal  plan  also helps so  you don’t   steer of the beat and path during that time  or use a 7 day detox and see how that foes.




Before we get into   our last topic of mindful eating verses mindless eating has anyone has any questions or anything else before we move on? I find the digestive tract and the liver as such amassing things, they are doing their stuff all day long. I hope you agave learnt a few   extra little things about the reasons why we would want to be including these things into our routine regularly. .



Mindful eating versus mindless eating, are you a mindless eater? Do you sit in front of the television while you eat? Or maybe in front of the computer or so you want on the run? I would be interested to know because often I think we don’t have some   mindless eating habits.  We often are not fully conscious of the food that’s going into our mouths and we aren’t really engaging with the experience.  Karen just shared that boot camp helped me a bit with curving my mindless easting. For those of you on the webinar who don’t   know what the boot camp is I run a Best You boot camp, it’s a weight loss not camp and Karen and many are, Karen just finished the boot camp, she is now   an ongoing member of my community and Mandy is just mid-way through her boot camp and she’s doing a fantastic job. She is going the detox to boost her efforts which is fantastic. It’s great to know that the boot camp has really helped to curve  your madness easting and every  week in the boot camp we get together for  webinars  like this about dffereerent topics and  keep learning about out health and  it  really helps us to keep focus and working on these stuff.


Veronica shares that she sits in front of the TV but she does eat very slowly which is good.  I:’ve got a bit of a challenge for you as ell this week as you move forward   to include   what your 7 days detox   is to practise a bit of mindful eating. So the challenge is to stop what you are doing when you eat, stop doing anything when you want. Actually sit down at the table or sometimes I like  to just sit outside on the  balcony and the fresh air if it’s a beautiful day but don’t so anything else , don’t etch  TV , don’t  try  and read a book  don’t try and answer  emails , don’t  do anything like that . Just sit down somewhere and before you start eating look at the food and notice its colours and its textures and then smell the aromas.  Be grateful for the food that you are about to eat because we often take that for   granted and we are actually blessed to love in parts of the world where we have access   to such wonderful abundance of good food.



So just practise a little bit of gratitude. No Veronica no multitasking   during this mindful eating practise. So I challenge you to do this for the rest of the week while you are on it. Take that time to just really focus on your food because it helps to connect our brain and our stomach and everything else that’s going. It give vest us that conscious connection. So you want to sit down, take a few  moments ton notice the food  and notice its colours and  textures, smell  the aromas , practise a bit of gratitude so just  say  in your mind  I’m so grateful for this food  because we are  very lucky to live in parts of the world where we can eat good food.


After you have  done that , water you have taken those few moments then start eating  your foods slowly and be conscious  of the flavours and the textured son your tongue and  in your mouth . Chew your food thoroughly, something we dint tend to do when we are e mindless eating. Chew your food thoroughly and notice your feelings and thoughts about the process. Really engage in that process of mindful eating. I would  l love to see what that works for you ,  the mindful eating stuff because it think it really makes a big  difference n how we feel about food and becoming  conscious of what’s going  in our mouths .


After  time when we eat junk foods or  if we might  go for  those junk foods awe are less incline to eat  them because we are more aware of what’s going on in our taste buds, what the reaction of out body might actually be . We tend not engage in that’s so much which is quite an interesting thing. That’s an extra challenge this week is to engage in that mindful practise and see how you go.


That all I have got for you guys today. I just wanted to say thanks for joining me and t it’s just good to knot hat either is people in this together   doing this detox challenge and getting yourself healthy and on track. What I would like to keno before you go is what made you decide to do the detox challenge, are you looking for extra weight loss results? Or did just want to freshen up a bit?  Or what was your incentive?


By the way if you can keep the detox going till after next week at the same time I’m actually going to have a second webinar for you guys to come along too. I will be sending out an email about that but there is also the link.  I will actually be sending out an email about next week’s webinar which is going to be on Monday the 9th of September in the US. US central 7 pm eastern 8 pm and Australia Tuesday the 10th at 10 am. It will be the same time next week for another free webinar and there’s the date there, it would be the same time next week… I  just want to be able to check  in  to see how you are all going and   top give you guys an opportunity  to  be able to tell us how you went during the week and that  sort of surf.


Thanks for sharing. Hello  Gus , nice to see you here,  Gus joined in for sugar control  and weightless and Aneece  joined in because she said she needs the  help  and I think Caroline  she just having a binge week and feeling yuck . “I saw the post on Facebook and thought it would be good to give it a go”. that’s fantastic  and I just really appreciate you taking the time out to come along to the webinar  because we did a have  lot of people sign up for it but   I always see the action takers by the people who actually turn up for these things . Thanks for joining me and I hope you will join me again next week and we will cover a few extra topics.



We might talk about a bit more weightless stuff and check in with   each other. Have a great week. Please come in and share over on the blog. I will be posting my menu plans with pictures   and recipes every single day so you can always leave your comments on the blog or comment and have a…

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7 Day Detox Diet Plan P3



Your challenge really so too stick to this for the entire 7 days minimum because that can be a challenge for some of us but it sounds like everyone is going pretty well here.  Even though we have set the day of 7 days you can really keep on going on with this for as long as you can and you will just see more and more benefits. Maybe you want to  include a few additional  things after the  7 days but if you can keep it going on little longer then good for you .


Mandy just ask before I go through this pulling it together would recommend taking these supplement when still on the detox only and the answer is no. You can continue to take these one there. With the milk thistle take it until the box is empty. You don’t wan t to continue taking milk thistle all the time  but vitamins , magnesium and pro biotic  are three important ,  calcium  and magnesium and minerals and  pro biotic  are for our gut . There are three important things that we need to include on regular basis anyway so you can continue to take those.



Putting it all together, I did post this on the blog too so you can go and check this out if you haven’t already. You want to have your body tonic drink in the morning which is the lemon and apple cider vinegar drink. We’ve already talked about that. Fill up your water bottles with fresh food and water and add your vitamin C magnesium powered. Your  job is to get through that water every single  day  and  for breakfast and  example might be to have some spinach  and tomatoes egg muffins and then you take you milk thistle supplement and then  you would have a mid-morning snack perhaps carrot sticks and a a   tablespoon of not butter. For  lunch you may have a Nori sandwich tuna  wrap , something I ‘m having  today  and take a an extra dose of vitamin C  just to  support those  adrenaline glands and that detox process. Have an afternoon tea with the veggie sticks and the guacamole or even dip them into your pesto’s its delicious and for dinner you might have a beef coconut curry which is absolutely delicious .   I put the recipe on the blog already, it’s got all friendly ingredients when it comes to the detox and then take your pro biotic as recommended on the label.


Great Caroline you made it Sunday night. It’s so good to see that you’re using the recipes, they are super simple to make as well. I like to keep things really simple and achievable for everyone and then at night take your extra magnesium just to help relax your body. The rules are pretty simple .You have already started most of you so you already know what’s going on so that’s great. A few other tips  is to try and get some exercise in daily ,  even just a walk , a 20  or  30 minute walk if that’s all you can  achieve just to help that elimination  process . Skin brushing  helps with that too which is an interesting technique , the dry skin brushing technique  or even an exfoliator .Do it on the dry skin to help remove the dry skin cells so that your body  can eliminate though your sweat glands more  because  remember that our skin is a big  organ so during  a detox process we  want to boost  those eliminations half way .


We’ve got the elevation process which are obviously digestive systems, our breath and though out skin. So skin brushing can  help that and then when  you go for your exercise  daily get  those sweat glands working a little bit better. Hot baths are also great , so you might have an Epsom salt bath just  to promote that sweating and that detox process and you also want to be trying to get some  rest and relaxation too so you don’t  want to be over doing it . Again just stick to the program. It sounds like you all are going great so far but just stick to the program. That’s the challenge. Take care of you as the highest priority.


Its really great isn’t it  know that  you know that other people are doing it makes it a  little bit easier  as well to find that motivation in yourself to  keep on going .  I thought it might be good to run though a few other thinks about detoxing. Specifically meeting your digestion. We have a lot of  digestive systems that are occurring and I’m not going to  go into the full detail  of all  of the digestive functions today but just a few reminders  to think about .  We eat all the time but forget that our bodies is working constantly to do things for us and our body has to break down all the good we need and it derives all of those useable component s form the food and then we utilize any nutrients to build cells in the body and provide energy for the boy’s function and then it has to actually get rid of all the things it can’t use.


In today’s modern world we love to abuse our digestive system with an onslaught of manmade food that provides very little nutrition and a whole lot of stress on the system. We also like to eat all the time and so we rarely rest out bodies. It’s really an amazing system that is on  auto pilot and I  think it’s a good reminder for ourselves  that this is an  amazing system and an amazing  body that we’ve been given . It does everything  it needs to do on auto  pilot and  we often forget about that , we forget to make that connection with our body but when  we can love and nature it so that it supports  that natural functioning then our body actually thanks us for it by making us feel great , making us lose weight , making us  look great , making out moods stable ,  making  our energy levels high , all of those types of things .


Digestive health is really essential for good health overall and our immunity. Like I was just  saying I think we take a lot of these processes for   granted but the health of  our gut is absolutely  essential because our gut not only processes  all those nuttiest but it  also serves as a barrier for harmful toxins  to the body . With food abuse  and as a results of various other factors  we can actually develop a weaken gut , a weak intestinal villi, impaired gut  function  We can also  perhaps develop what is  known as a leaky gut  where toxins that should be eliminated  from our body can actually  seep back into our blood stream  and obviously this is not a good thing because that can make us more sick because there’s more toxin overloading  our body . Interestingly   70 % of our immunity is actually derived from our gut so the healthier our gut the stronger our immunity.



Was reading an article about hashimotos recently which is an autoimmune disorder and how every person that this study had looked at had a major imbalance of their good and bad bacteria in the gut. The study  showed than when people repaired their gut they can actually reverse some of their auto immune condition  if not reverse it all together which I just find  fascinating and it just goes to show how powerful our digestive is to our health . interestingly enough, just another point about that is that auto immune diseases are now rising and rising, I guess not really epidemic but I guess in large proportion and we can bring it down to the basic fundamentals, If its connected to our immune health, if its connected to our gut then   we have to sake those questions whist ds going on in peoples digestive tracts and its not good a lot of the time.



Then we have  our wonderful liver that sits on the right hand side just under our  ribs there and it is probably one  of the hardest  working organ in the body each   litres and litres of blood every minute of the day . it metabolises  the fats  , proteins and crabs we eat , produces major components  of the blood such as healthy cells for   immunity , it detoxes everything you drink , you eat , you rub on your skin ,  you  smell or anything that can get into the  blood stream . That’s interesting thing because often I think we are using j chemical based products in or home, cleaning products that failed with chemical products that we w might inhale and all these toxins actually go it onto our blood stream.


Like we were saying before   the skin is a big organ so when we are rubbing things on our skin it acutely absorbs into our skin, into our blood stream and then our organs have to filter that because it is toxin. It can utilise those things which is really  interesting because a a lot of  products in our  environment have not really been tested adequately  because  they are only seen as being  external but they do affect us  internally .


The liver also stops our energy in the form of glycogen for use as energy later when we eat sugar it processes sugar into glycogen for storage. It can also break down proteins and fats to make energy and it facilitates, absorbs and sores vitamins and iron and also produces hormones. So tis a very active organ in our body. Another one often taken for granted.



So liver and GI stress factors include high sugar  intake , high fat intake  but I’m not taking about healthy fats like coconut oil , gee or amend oil , olivine   oil , I’m talking about processed oil and margarines and the terrible types of fats that  generally we find in most processed  and packaged foods . There are the types of fats that I’m talking about here. Also refined carbohydrates processed a fast foods, lack of fibre puts stress on the liver and go stress factors.



So you need to eat your veggies. Most people don’t eat enough veggies. It doesn’t  matter what diet your following  , even   if its strictly  polio , low carbs  , whatever it is  I just fins that most people aren’t  eating enough veggies and you  need to get those veggies into your diet because of the fibre. People also lack nutrients in their diet and this causes liver and go stress because we need those nutrients for our bodies so eat our veggies again. Of course we do find nutrients in fats and proteins too but eat all your veggies.


Too much alcohol, that’s a huge stress factor   on our body along with drugs, prescription and non-prescription. I know that sometimes  we can’t help that if  our doctor recommends that  we do take prescription drugs or we have a health  condition but its important  to realise that we do put stress  up our bodies .Caroline says that  I have veggie juices as   you wouldn’t  eat veggies on a plate that I put  in a juice. Some people like the vegetable juices. I’m not a big juicing fan myself I just love to eat a big bowl of vergtavblesm a big plat of veggies but if you love them that’s great because they are full of nutrients.

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7 Day Detox Diet Plan P2


Some other things are lemons, they are great for us and apple cider vinegar. We can use fresh  or dried herbs or spices so  you can experiment with those a little bit   making your meats or your vegetables  flavoured with  some fresh herbs our spices  and  keep an eye on the blog  because I will be posting recipes  there, simple things for  you to try . Also you want to include your fresh food and water and lots of it so aiming for 1.5 – 2 litres per day. So you need to start early, fill up your water bottles and just make sure you are getting your water in. This really help  with the process and including   your vitamin C in  your water will actually stop any of those adverse detox  effects  that sometimes we can feel like the foggy brain , headaches and things like that .


Caroline says she’s been really thirsty while on the detox, drinking about 3-4 litres per day. I find that too Caroline, I get very thirsty on a detox and so you   just drink as much as you need to because your body is telling you that was what it needs, helping to eliminate all of those toxins out of your body. It means you also go to the toilet more but oh well that’s the price we pay right.  So some of the best herbal teas, dandelion root tea is very good. I can’t stress that enough. The roasted dandelion root, it really helps to boost the effects of elimination and all of the processes that the liver undergoes and we want to support that liver as much as possible so get some dandelion root tea. Ginger also helps so  you can use some fresh  ginger in cooking or even  use  it to make a  herbal tea with some lemon juice and some warm water , much like the apple cider vinegar drink  that we’re recommending you have in the  morning. Eat your nuts and seeds in small doses. So not too Meany in the day but you can have a snack with those and have your seaweeds if you like sea weeds. Today I’ve planned of lunch a Nora tuna salad wrap and that is going to be delicious. If you are never tried to make a lunch wrap with Nora, couple of sheets of Nori do try it because it is delicious.


Just a couple of questions, Mandy says are other herbal teas ales? Peppermint, camomile etc and the answer is yes. You can use pretty much any type of herbal tea. Of course except the one that you some tied you buy commercially. Still check the labels because surprisingly some of the fruit teas that proclaim themselves to be h herbals do contain sugar and that’s what we want to try to avoid. These are hoe much lemon and hoe much apple cider vinegar to make the drink. it’s  half a squeeze lemon , one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar  and  you boil the kettle , fill you mug half way full of hot water mm about maybe  3/4 and then just op it off with some  cold water so it’s warm and you can  drink it . You have that first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and it really helps to flush out the liver, alkalise a system and just provide those detox benefits. It’s also gets our digestive system functioning as well. Caroline shares she had the Nori lunch wrap yesterday, very yum. Nori is a fantastic alternative to wrapped bread and it’s certainly healthy for you. It’s something I discovered not so long ago and I don’t know why I’ve never tried it before because I love Nori roils occasionally but I haven’t tried using it for a wrap until not so long ago so I’m glad you discovered it too Caroline.


During the plan wear are absolutely avoiding all these sugar, booth natural and unnatural and along with stevia and fruit too. This makes it a little bit more difficult because often we like to go for the sugars but this is an area we want to really focus on avoiding during a detox. For many of us sugar and sweet things are our number one downfall so this is probably the biggest challenge especially when we cut out fruit too but this sus only for 7 days with the fruit so again I think 7 days is manageable. I did have someone ask about coconut sugar .That is out of the question too. Really all types of sugar for this detox. So just focusing on those foods we’ve just mention is the goal and this goes along with sugary beverages and fruit juices even if they are home made. Obviously we’re not including fruits. You could try vegetable juice if you are a juicing person. I always think its better just to try food but  if you like juices you can try vegetable juice and then some  of the other common things that are really in our diet that tend to be stresses on our  system and these include  refined and  packaged junk  Anything  that  pretty much come into package during the detox is  out of the question . Caffeine is a biggy, the coffee and tea, trying to get those out because it is amazing actually that e often use these stimulants to derive energy but they bacterially end up depleting out energy more. So we do get that instant stimulus but in the long run they deplete our energy systems .They stimulus our adrenaline glands which release [Inaudible], which releases insulin and it kind of becomes this perpetual cycle that ends up draining us all. I used to love my coffee too but bow I don’t drink any coffee and energy wise you do actually feel better.



Yes Veronica we are juts about to get to potatoes because she asked boar potatoes and what about sweet potatoes. Any their recommendations for after workout cross feet during this week. In the detox generally we would say no sweet potatoes. It is a fairly low carbohydrate detox diet in that regard except for the brown rice that is included in the diet plan so if you eat brown rice you may like to include that after your work out. If not and you’re feeling like you need that little bit of  energy then a little bit of sweet  potatoes certainly isn’t going to kill you but may just try  to load up on some more carbohydrates , vegetables, the most dense ones like carrots I perhaps  an and  keep those potatoes for after the 7 day detox.  There’s a tip for you there Veronica. Caroline said a green veggie justice is great after work out, that she’s only discovered that a few weeks ago. Although she does add half green apple too which I obviously cant whilst on the detox.


That’s right , keep those fruits out  during the detox but vegetable juices , you can juice a lot of things , cucumbers, coal, so you might like to give that a good. Sauces and condiments we are keep in those types from a bottle or jar or can out of our systems. Thick can be an easy reached to go for thing. Often filled with sugar and additives and all kinds of thing we just don’t want to put in our body so we are trying to keep that out of our diets and I know Mandy said she made my pesto recipe and also included a recipe for some capsicum or red bell pepper sauce and that’s great to put on meals too. Last night I actually had some beef covered in pestos and I cooked it up like that and I had a side of some beautiful steam vegetables. If you go to the blog later on you will see that I’m going to share my daily menu and meal plan along with receives, they will all be posted on the blog with pictures and so forth.


Caroline she made the fish pesto last night and the whole family ate it, the husband can’t eat fish but he had pesto on his steak and loved it too. I know the pesto is just so awesome. You can use it for so many thing. I love it. Tomorrow I’m going to make a chicken and vegetable salad with it. You we steam up a whole bunch of vegetables just lightly so they are still crunchy. Use a barbeque chicken or a freshly cooked chicken if you’ve got one. Take some strips, put it all in the bowl, mix up the pesto in there and you’re got a great salad you can take for lunch or eat for dinner. That’s a really great one to help us get through this detox. We are cutting out  dairy products , all types during the  detox and alcohol is another  one that often we can over consume a little on , So the challenge  this week is getting that alcohol out of that’s system so  you can do it . Gee is ok if you use that for cooking Veronica   because it is a healthy fat for you to eat. I know it’s hard when you add things. I really need very detailed list don’t I but anyways it is very simply as long as you keep it simple. The rules are very easy to follow.



So anything else that is not on the enjoy list pretty much if you have a question you can post it on Facebook at goodfoodeating  or you can come and post on the blog under  any of the post that I do during the 7 day detox as well. Ask your questions that’s fine. You will also notice that we are taking a few supplements to help us with the detox. We’ve got vitamin C which is just essential if you are doing any kind of detox and putting your body any additional type of stress. When we are going through any type of additional stress outer adrenal glands they are our stress glands and any additional stress makes them secrete more vitamin C. They become more depleted in vitamin C because our adrenaline glands are ether harbour of our vitamin C stores. When we take that  additional vitamin it is giving  us that  amazing antioxidant ability   to help fight all those free radicals  that we might be getting rid of  our  body and we want to saturate out body with that vitamin C to help  support  all of our cells and prevent things like those detox headaches , foggy brain , just  some of the things that can come with the detox . One of the ways I find easiest is just to put I tin the water and shake up the water before you drink it. You will be getting a pretty big dose of vitamin C during the day.


The milk thistle is a great traditional herb for liver and gall bladder and it’s got this compound call silly man which is a funny thing but it’s found in his seeds and it actually protects the liver from substances and chemicals and its basically just an all-around liver tonic and also supports the kidneys to go through that elimination process. So that’s our  detox herbs that we are providing and you can see that we are keeping it pretty simple with the supplements  because we also don’t want to overload our  body with supplements . Magnesium is a great mineral that helps support over 300 emphatics processes in the body and it can contribute to our cells as well. I’m going to be  writing a long post on the blog about thee heat benefits of magnesium because  somebody did  send me n email  thinking it wasn’t so good  so I will be sharing some of the studies that I’ve found around magnesium. Caroline just said that she doesn’t like the magnesium powder so she’s taking capsules. That’s i.e. fine if you don’t like powder take capsules.


Aneece says I recently started oil puling. Will c continuing the detox be overkill? No I don’t think so, I think it’s going to be fine. Run it over to your body, how you feel and that type of things. Our last supplements is  pro biotic and this helps to support getting some food back  to your [Inaudible] because quite  frequently  we are out of balance , digestive system  due to the unsorted sugars and refined  foods and all of those  other additives  from  our everyday life that can slowly  ease their way into out eating plan . So get some pro biotic, go to your local health food stores and ask for the ones that are refrigerated. I thinking that the live Bactria if the pro biotic know they made all sorts of fines that are refrigerated but I’m still under has been refrigerated .Get yourself some of those and essentially speaking, that’s find Veronica if you eat your home made sour kraut that’s perfect for you pro biotic because fermented foods are fantastic for pro biotic .We won’t talk about that in details here. We will leave that for another time.

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7 Day Detox Diet Plan

See the video:

If you are joining me  please type in and say hello and hopefully  we will  have a few other people  join us shortly .Good morning , hello Mandy  , hi  Caroline . Nice to see you here. Mandy is in my camp group. Is this the Caroline who is also in my boot camp group? I’m not sure but anyway welcome to Guides for [Inaudible]. For those of you who might be on the webinar and this is the first time at a webinar you can just say yes and let me know that too. It would be interesting to find out.


Yes? First time on a webinar? well I think it’s a good experience , I think it’s a great thing to do because it helps us to know that there is a other people who are also taking on a challenge or involved   in participating in things . It helps it feel like we are not alone when we are going through things.


As you can see it is pretty easy to use. You have already discovered the chat box and pretty much that is all you have to do and just listen to what we have to say and if you’ve got any questions and anything as we go along please feel free to ask those as well.


I only decided just last week that it would be fun to run this detox. I’m really happy that we’ve actually have a good group on board with us and I did receive a few emails from some people to say that they were actually doing the detox but they weren’t able to attend the webinar. So we m know what we’ve actually got people from all over the world participating with us in this little detox challenge. It’s a new month and here in Australia it’s a new season, its spring so it’s the perfect time for detoxing but I know in the US it’s also the   beginning of fall. Anytime  anew season comes  around I just think it’s a great time  to freshen up  our act and find a bit  of new found inspiration and motivation  just to kick us into gear and make us  feel a little bit healthier.


So yes I put the call out and got a few people on board so that’s fantastic. Today we are going to talk about the 7 day detox diet plan and just some stuff around detoxing in general. Have you guys already started your detox? I know some people were late getting started  and  dome people have only just  started their detox or they might be starting tomorrow if they are  just  listening the webinar . Fantastic! Caroline is on day three and Mandy is just typing in there now, “started on Sunday now on day three.” How are you guys going with it so far? Finding it a little bit tricky? Because it’s interesting that even a 7 day detox at the level that we are doing can still be a bit of a challenge.  Mandy is going good so far and Caroline says “Not too bad, pretty close tom my normal eating but missing my coffee though.”


Yes that an interesting one cutting out the coffee isn’t it? Because it’s one of the most difficult ones and I hope you found the article on the blog that I posted about giving up the coffee without getting headaches. So if you want to do that there’s some tips on doing that on the blog.




Let’s get started, so a 7 day detox diet plan. I’m going to go over things even though there’s only a few of us  here on the line today , I’ll record everything for people  who didn’t make it just so that they can  catch it on the replay . When it comes to detox diets they are really many different types. There are people who just do veggie juicing and there’s liver detox specifically. You can also get lots of detox out of the box these days if you go into the health food stores, even in the chemist and there’s pure water fast, there’s elimination food detoxes, there is green veggie detoxes, you name it. You can pretty much make this stuff up yourself. There’s a lot of different detox diets.


Have you guys tried any other types of detox diets before? I would be interested to  know what types you’ve tried because I know in the past I have down 3-7 day  juice fasts and water  fast only , I’ve done fast  where you can only eat brown  rice  for 3 days  . I’ve also tried a liver detox out of the box once, I think my partner and I did that once and we both ended up pretty badly constipated and I think many out of the box plan can do that because they often overload your body with the herbs as well that detox wasn’t such a good experience in the end.


Mandy shares that she did a 5 day lemon detox diet and Caroline said that the chemist tries to sell me their own when I purchased supplements and that’s interest isn’t it? So there’s a lot of different types that you can try. I’ve got a kind of belief about when it comes to a fasting detox versus a food detox. I think that fasting does provide some really good benefits to the body in the sense that it rests you digestion completely but I find that many people just can’t stick to the plan in first place or once the required detox time is over they go and binge. So in the end I just think that seems like a very unproductive method and contrary to what you are really trying to achieve.


I believe you can effectively detox to a safe and kind of comfortable level and one that you can sustain by just eating clean and simple food. On this detox diet we have eliminated quite a lot or at least we are trying to. The purpose and objective, I know that often when we hear the word detox we often think oh fast weight loss results or something like that. I know that’s what most people tend to think is when we go into a detox we’re going to get really sat weightless results and certainly I think it can help boost your weightless but we will be talking about that in just a minute. In my  eyes though a detox  is not really a fast fix  or the purpose and  objective really is to set  the stage to kind of  moving  on and not just  to do that quick diet thing detox diet  and expect those outrageous weight loss results to occur because then you will just revert back to those old habits .



I think the  purpose of the detox  is to rest the digestion in the body which we have eliminated some things in this diets and to detox the liver which we will be talking a little bit more about the liver soon  but it is more  to give you that clean platform to keep working  from . Although this  7 day is to focus  and I think  7 day  detox is one week and all due  because  7 day  to purely focus on  you is achievable  and I feel  we’re often  fish is a fish  bowl and  by the time we go around  sometimes we’ve forgotten what our purpose was . The seven days is really an achievable goal for everybody to try but it’s still not necessarily easy because when we get out of our regular routine and we want to eliminate some things it still can be very challenging but I still believe the 7 days can be achievable and with those longer time frames people can often lose interest. I hope you guys can tell me that definitely the 7 days is going to be achievable for you so I know you can do it.


I’ve posted all the detox diet plan guidelines on the blog and basically we are focusing on super clean eating to remove many of the stress and set the stage for moving forward from when we are. Generally speaking most people  who come in the detox like we said looking for some weightless  and this will really get you  you ink the right frame of mind , your body in the right frame  of reference to keep  moving forward to getting better results because when it comes to losing weight its 90% nutrition  so the clear  we can have our diet  for  a longer , extended  periods of time , the better our results will be .


This is every challenge even in itself because there’s not a lot of sauces and flavours and things that people might add to dishes under normal circumstances. You can grab a lot of these details later on the blog and I will be posted various thing throughout the week but some of the foods to enjoy is definitely vegetables and they are so many to choose from. I’m sure you don’t  need me to mentation  them but eat a high vegetable diet on the 7 day detox because  generally speaking many  of  us are acid-alkaline unbalance , being  more acid which is not going for our health . Vegetables are alkaline, we want to try and bring those alkalising things to our diet. Plus vegetables provide vitamins and minerals and fibre and just all the goodness that we need for our health. So eating a high veggie diet on this 7 day detox is good. Then  when we include  protein we want to at least  for this  7 days try and get the quality  stuff,  go organic if you can or if you can’t afford organic at least grass  fed beef  or the  free range chicken on the free range  eggs. Which you can actually purchase in a lot of general supermarket stores now. So keep   an eye out for the better quality proteins.



Then you can have healthy fats, your avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, the nut butters, flax seed oil, walnut out and coconut cream or milk. You can use coconut cream to make some nice sauces with fresh herbs and lemon juice and that type of thing so I will be bringing a few recipes like that over the week. How have you guys been going with food? Have you been going ok as far as getting your menu organised? I can see some other people have arrived. Don’t be shy just shout out there and say hello.  We’re just going through some of the food items here then we’re going get stuck into a talk about detoxing and so forth. Hi Karen, hi Annexe greet to have you here. It’s great to know that everyone is going through the detox together so we have a bit of support happening. Mandy says yes she is been eating very basic and that’s the whole idea, getting back to those basics just the fundamentals of how we want to base our eating plan around.


Beans  and legumes can also be included , freshly prepared if you can or make sure if you are going to include them you get the organic tined ones and with  brown rice you can include brown rice but brown  rice is the only carbohydrates source  allowed  in this detox  plan , apart from the vegetables  and the beans and  legumes which of course are   carbohydrates but brown rice is more off a starch . Hi veronica, nice to see you here from Argentina. I think we are a few people from all over the world here so that’s fantastic. Back to the brown rice, we can have a maximum of one cup per day. I will tell you something if you want to give up sugar and get over you sugar cravings fast then sticking pretty much 100% to this diet within the 7 days will help you overcome the sugar cravings, it really works.

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Detox Webinar Transcribed P6


I know some of you won’t be able to make those dates so I put together an incredible package for those of you who can’t make those dates. I ‘ve put together a health  detox webinar series for you and really  this something that I have put together because  I know they are a lot of people who just can’t  make the trip  or the dates just don’t work  for them so this something that you can do from wherever you are in the world .  You are going to get four weekly webinars, I’m going to do a webinar every week with you for 90 minutes, and this comes to a $997 value.


You’re going to receive information that I’m going to go over with  you , all of the elements of a healthy  detox, we’re going to cover all of these  elements , relevant  foods, water and  juices, the mind body connection , emotional  issue resolution , oxygenation , lymphatic circulation , structural and nervous system support, herbs , whole  foods and super foods  and  the specific herbal cleanses  I would  mention to you earlier, natural  treatments and skin care .


This is really to help educate yourself so you get some really great information about all of these elements of a detox. It’s really important that when you do a detox that you f do it correctly and in a safe way. These four weekly webinars come to $997.  You’re going to get four webinars starting next weekend Thursday the 27th of June at 2pm USA ET time or 7 pm UK tie and then every Thursdays after that. The next one is Thursdays the 4th of July, Thursdays the 11th of July and Thursdays the 18th of July. They are going to be recorded so if you miss any date you can hear the replays. You are also going to get the special free bonuses  that  I mentioned to you before, the 30  minutes one to one personal  coaching session , you’re going to get the 60  minutes question and answer  webinar, the juicing and detox  recipes , doctor  Brian Clement  seminar  transcript , his workshop transcripts and this package value  comes to $1466but I’m going to throw in all  the business in for you for free. You’re only going to pay today $497 for all of that and that’s really a great value for everything that we are going to be covering and all the special bonuses that we are going to throw in for you. You can go here right now to register for that, just design up right now and join us on the webinar next week. As I said if   you can’t make it for those dates there Weill be recordings and replay. this is a great way to learn how to detox and really apply these learnings in your life and get started on a healthy detox and help to heal any illnesses that you have or just to experience better health and energy and take your health to the next level, release any excess fat   and increase your energy and just feel no much better.


We do have a 14 days , 100% money back guarantee  for both packages and you can just order right now  as I said , I’ve typed the link  in the chat box  so you can go right now to this link .  really that’s it , of you have any questions I’m just going to look down the questions to see how many … Someone  is asking  how many days to you need to detox your body .. As I said before you can do a very good detox that last 5–7 days or 9 days and you can see huge improvements at that time. Obviously you are not going to release all the toxins in your body in that time but you will be well underway and you will see huge improvements. You’ll notice difference in your skin, in your energy levels, you will start to release some of the fat that stores the toxins in your body and you will notice a difference in your energy.


Someone is asking about juices. There is single alga juices. I really recommend wheat grass, I think the best juicer that you can get is a twin gear juicers so if you just google twin gear juicer then you will find the best juicer for wheat grass.


Someone here is saying that cheesecake is one of their favourite deserts. That’s great and they are believe it or not you can make cheesecake from healthy ingredients, dairy free, raw vegan cheese cake. As I mentioned before some of these gourmet   raw living foods recipe they are just absolutely amazing, you would not believe that they would be made with raw living foods. They are really tasty and delicious.


Someone is asking how they can grow wheat grass at home. It is possible that you can grow wheat grass at home all you need is a tray and some organics soil that you can buy from a garden store. Please make sure that it’s organic and everything that I mentioned previous is organic. You can just buy the seeds.  I will be talking a lot more about this during the weekly   webinar so they’re really lots and lots  of questions here and I would really love to stay and answer all these  questions with you but unfortunately I’m not  able to in this short time  that we have together here.


You can also buy wheat grass trays. they are some  companies like I know here in the UK there is a company called Akan Gene and I  know you  do have companies although I cant remember a name of a company  at the moment in the US that sells  wheat grass trays .. You can order them in the tray if you dint want to grow then yourself and sprout trays as well.


I’m sorry I can’t  go into detail , there is some very detailed  questions here and I would love to go into detail it you but unfortunately  I can’t go into all these detailed question . Another short question and answer here that someone is asking is vitamin a good juicer.  I think this is something a lot of people get mixed up on when thy first start with raw living foods and the difference between a juicer and a blender. Vitamix is actually a blender, vitamix is actually a very good blender. You also have Blend Tech which is another very god blender there, similar in horse power. They are very powerful machines. They are much better than the blenders that you get from your normal department store because they are just so much more powerful. When you are creating recipes with raw living foods and seeds and nuts you really do need to have a very high power blender, you will notice a huge difference in the smoothness and the quality of the blended drinks that you make.


A Juicer really helps to extract the juice from vegetables and with a blender you put the whole vegetable and the whole fruit inside so you are actually getting the mix of the juice and the fibre together.


If you have any more questions just type them in now. Like I said   I can’t go into very detailed question and answer but if you have any short questions I can answer some more of those for you. Also if you real y think about the cost  of treating cancer food, traditional means   sometimes I have people say to me that this sounds like al lot of  work but how precious  is your health  to you . If you don’t pay for your health now and do things too improve your health and buy the organic vegetables which may cost a few cents or dollars more , if you don’t pay for it now you may very well go , judging by the average statistics  you may be very well  paying  for it later on  with huge doctors bill and you don’t want  to be going through chemo therapy and surgery  and these barbaric  treatments that the drugs industry is pushing onto to people now .


They are alternatives ways and holistic natural ways that hundreds and thousands of people have healed themselves naturally of cancer and chronic illness already. You really want to be investigating that and supporting your body to heal from the inside, to heal itself to instead of adding any more toxins and poisons to your body. Really traditional treatments is going to cost you thousands and thousands of dollars when you can just be spending a few extra dollars to educate yourself a buy the right kind of foods and support your body with a few extra annual treatments.


Someone is asking here a great question. If you register for the webinar program will I answer all your questions? Yes I will be answering all your questions in the weekly webinar series. As I said  before e are going to covering all the area s that I mentioned previously, the supporting your structural system , your nervous system , raw living foods  , the water and juices  and   all the natural treatments that you can be doing , which after you should be drinking, what foods to eat,  what foods not to eat  and just lots and lots   of other things , circulation and improving  you r lymphatic circulation. Increasing the oxygen carrying potential in of your blood and increasing the oxy gen levels of your blood and your water. We are between 79%- 90 % water so we really want to be increasing in level of water in our boys as well.


Someone is also asking if they register for the Hippocrates Health Institute retreat package if they get the weekly webinar series as well. I think that’s a great question. What do you guys think? Should we include it in the retreat program as well? Just type in what you think. A lot of people are saying yes. I think that’s a great idea and I will include that for you as well.  The people who register for the retweet program you will be getting that weekly webinar series as well. Well don’t you guys  and I really appreciate you being  on this webinar with me and I really hope  that you receive immense value form the information that  I shared with you  today and  you have enjoyed this webinar . I really hope that I will be meeting you and seeing you soon and connecting with at the retreat visit that we are doing or doing the webinars that we will be doing. I look forward to connecting with you and thank you so much for joining us here.

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