8 Questions to Ask When Deciding on CE Courses

dental continuing education course
You have to take a certain number of continuing education hours each year.  How do you decide where to invest your time and money?  The answers are in our article ‘Dental Continuing Education Courses With Dentox‘, but here are some things to consider when making that decision.

  1. Where do your patients spend their discretionary income?  Some of your patients may be spending thousands every year on Botox and dermal fillers and making a separate appointment at a separate office to do so.  They’re at your office on a regular basis for checkups anyway.  If they could get the treatments at the same time, it would save them time, and add to your bottom line.  Win-win.
  2. Where do your friends spend their discretionary income?  If your friends are getting these treatments, this indicates that there is a market for them in your area.
  3. How do you get started offering these procedures?  Once you are trained and certified in administering the injections, simply let your existing patients know that you now offer the new services and that you learned from the world’s top practitioner.
  4. What does it cost to start offering these services?  The live course is $1600, the online course is $700.  Both are equally intensive and will give you the confidence you need to administer injections for a variety of situations.  Botox and dermal fillers require no new equipment, your only investment after the training course is the actual product.
  5. After you take the course, how much do you stand to lose if you do not perform the procedure?  Nothing at all except whatever you may have invested in product to get you started.  Compared to a CT scan machine that easily costs six figures, the risk associated with your new investment is very low.
  6. What are the consequences of failure when compared to other procedures?  The effects of these injectable treatments are temporary.  The most common problem associated is that they don’t last long enough.
  7. Is a training course required to offer these procedures?  Malpractice insurers typically require professionals to attend an approved program such as those offered at Dentox.
  8. What else can you do for your practice that will give the same return on your investment?  The fact of the matter is, no other service or new procedure offers the same return on your investment of time and money as Botox.  You spend thousands on another course, plus tens or even hundreds of thousands more on equipment and spend years paying it back, or you can spend less than two thousand and make it back the very first time you do the procedure.

Before you spend a bunch of money on training and equipment for something that you may not use, consider Dentox!


Reference: http://dentox.com/botox-edu-news/choose-continuing-education-course/

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