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Wisdom Teeth – Why Do I Have Them and What Do They Do?

wisdom tooth painWe’ve all heard of wisdom teeth and while we may have heard of them, not all of us have them? Why is this? Here’s the lowdown on wisdom teeth and why they have such a bad reputation.

Wisdom teeth are also called third molars. They are the last set of teeth to come in and generally appear between the ages of 17-25. For some, wisdom teeth emerge and do not cause a problem, for others, they never come in and for the remainder, they become impacted and need to be surgically removed.

Origins of Wisdom Teeth

The term “wisdom” teeth is thought to have derived from the fact that these teeth emerge much later than the rest, at a time when people were thought to be “wiser”.

For our ancestors, a third set of molars was necessary due to the type of diets they had which consisted of nuts, meats and roots. These items were uncooked and extremely tough on their teeth. Tooth erosion occurred fairly quickly and a third set of molars helped with the amount of chewing that was required at the time.

As we progressed to a more refined diet of cooked and softer foods, our wisdom teeth fell out of use. Our bodies adapted and jaws got smaller and now, our wisdom teeth stay dormant or in many cases, have no room to emerge. This is where problems ensue.

Wisdom Teeth – Modern Times

As we mentioned, wisdom teeth have pretty much become obsolete. This occurs more often in cultures that are agricultural based. Cultures that still have a strong hunter-gatherer way of life tend to retain their wisdom teeth, think Australian Aborigines.

As man has evolved, our jaws have become smaller and the wisdom teeth have difficulty emerging. This can result in “impactions’, crowding of teeth, or displacement of permanent teeth. Sometimes cysts can develop that lead to bone destruction and jaw expansion. Scientists have come to refer to wisdom teeth as vestigial organs, meaning they have become useless as a result of evolution.

There is no definitive reason for why some people never have their wisdom teeth emerge and why others do. For those whose wisdom teeth do emerge, the number of teeth can vary from one to four and in rare cases, more than four. Why some people have different numbers of teeth emerge is still a mystery.

When to See a Dentist?

Anyone who has “wisdom” should consider having their wisdom teeth removed before they present a problem. It is highly recommended that if the teeth are to be removed, that the procedure is done when the person is younger as opposed to later in life. If the procedure is performed later, the surgery often comes with a longer recovery time and increased risk of complications.

Consult with your dentist about what the best approach is for your situation. In this case, prevention is often the best medicine.

Source: sandiegodentist.org

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Where have you found a great fluoride free dentist?

mercury filling replacement

Despite the fact that we live in the twenty first century, it can sometimes feel as though the modern world has not caught up with the dental industry at all. The lack of development in the understanding of dentists in simple things such as holistic dentistry, or mercury free dentistry, is sometimes truly shocking. However, that lack of knowledge is not something that is only found in with dentists themselves; many people have no idea that fluoride is bad for them, or that dentists do not need to use x-rays in every visit. It can be frustrating sometimes talking to friends and family if they are not convinced that they need to look for a non-traditional dentist, and a little disheartening when it feels like every single dental office you go to has little idea that they should be changing. That is why we have put this discussion board together – so that even if you do not have anyone to ask for advice, you can come here for suggestions and answers.

If you have discovered this board looking for a dentist, you may be a little surprised to hear that there are different kinds of dentists; traditional dentists, and non-toxic dentists. What differentiates a normal dentist from a non-toxic dentist is what they do after they have received their standard dental training. A normal dentist will set up shop and start treating people based on the knowledge that he has been given in dental college; some of which is out of date, and most of which uses strong and highly toxic chemicals in their diagnoses and treatments. A non-toxic dentist, on the other hand, will continue on their training to learn more about the variety of different options that are available for diagnoses and treatments, particularly the ones that do not require those toxins. That is why non-toxic dentists are so sought after – because they are able to treat their patients without having to resort to chemicals that we simply should not have anywhere near our bodies.

Take fluoride, for example. This is a chemical that it is almost impossible to avoid if you do not know what you are looking for, because it has become a staple in the manufacture of dental products. Almost every toothpaste has it in, almost any mouthwash that you buy will have it in, and many standard dentists will use fluoride as part of their consultation materials when you go to them for a check up. What many people do not realize, however, is that fluoride can be very bad for you. One study showed that when babies were given small amounts of fluoride in their water to drink, they actually grew up with lower IQs than expected. After all, fluoride does not only affect your teeth. Once it is in your body, it has an effect on your bones, glands, blood sugar levels, and even your brain.

Is that the sort of dentist that you want looking after your teeth – one that will happily pour dangerous chemicals into your body? That’s certainly not the sort of dentist that we want looking after our teeth, or the teeth of our children. That is why non-toxic dentists are so vital; knowing where to find them can mean a great deal to your dental health, and being able to be seen by a non-toxic dentist could drastically improve your general health. That is why we are asking that if anyone knows of a fluoride free non-toxic dentist in the area, please post down their details below so that others can find them. Sooner or later, we want to make it possible for everyone who wants to, to be seen by a non-toxic dentist.

Source: http://brightondentalsd.com

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Could you be missing out on the easiest way to look better?

botox injection sitesHands up everyone who has tried one of those horrendous fad diets where you are not allowed to eat anything that tastes good and you have to weigh yourself a thousand times a day? Or that exercise regime where you are not allowed to stay still for more than an hour at a time, or that one where you had to get up a whole two hours earlier than you normally do? There are a million and one different ways to make us feel bad about ourselves not looking as we think we should whenever we look in a mirror, and the attempts to try to get back to how we looked when we were younger – or to a fantasy version of ourselves that never existed – can be incredibly intense. What is even crazier is that despite all of that hard work that so many of us put in, there are no guarantees that hard work, exercise, and diet can actually get us looking how we want to! It’s enough to make you put down the celery stick and get off the treadmill. But what if there was a simple, almost fool proof way of getting that look that we’re so desperate to achieve?

It turns out that so many of us are trying so hard to do things the ‘good’ way that we have forgotten that it is completely possible to make it the ‘bad’ way – through something like Botox! We put good and bad in quotation marks because for some reason there seems to be a sort of morality over which is the good way to look good and which is the bad way to look good, but if you ask us as long as the end result is the same, who cares how we got there? Especially when you realize that Botox has got safer and safer in the last few years than any other kind of medical treatment, and there are plenty of really clever people out there who are able to make you look exactly as you want to without any of the pain and effort involved.

If you are a little nervous about the idea of letting someone stick needles into your face, then you’ve got the right approach to plastic surgery – but if the Botox practitioner has had the right training at a registered Botox course then there is nothing to fear from them. The amount of training that they have to go through before they even think about getting a needle anywhere near a person is huge, and it’s all there to protect you. What is potentially more interesting is that they also get taught all of the interesting psychology behind us wanting to have Botox in the first place, so they should be some of the most understanding people about how tough it is to get older in this modern world. After all, the pressures that we are under are nothing like what previous generations have had to go through – it was a lot easier to age gracefully when there wasn’t social media around to constantly appear on, and celebrity gossip blogs to see how other, more wealthy women were starting to age!

Botox is a simple, safe, and extremely effective way of looking younger without any of the long term hassle that you have to put in to give up carbs. Who wants to give up carbs? Certainly not us, which is why Botox is starting to look more and more inviting by the minute! Why not give it a go yourself?

Related: http://dentox.com/botox-training-los-angeles

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The best detox experience you’ve ever had – spill!

foot reflexology chartWe want to hear all of your detox experiences! The best, the worst, the ones that you would rather forget, and the ones that you can barely believe even happened! There are plenty of different ways that you can give your body the relief that it needs from all of the pressures and stresses of the day, and we would love to hear from people who have tried different kinds, so that those who do not have any background in detoxes can make informed decisions about what sort of detox they would like to try. From detox foot patches to yoga, juicing to lemon water, we want to hear about:

  • Acupuncture

Perhaps not the best idea for anyone who is truly terrified of needles, acupuncture goes back thousands of years and uses centuries of knowledge to be able to move energy and tension around the body. Perfect for those with muscle pain in their back. It is often best to talk to a medical professional before you engage in a long course of acupuncture, just to make sure that they are confident that you are choosing the right option.

  • Lemon detox

Used by celebrities such as Beyonce (apparently!), the lemon detox is one where you only drink lemon and water . . . and that’s pretty much it. Most people only do it for a day or two because not eating that long can be dangerous, but it gives your body a break from harsh processed foods. Some people add a little honey in their lemon water to make it a little more palatable!

  • Detox foot patch

Probably one of our most popular detoxes, a detox foot patch simply pops on the end of your foot as you sleep, and draws all the impurities and toxins from your body. Many people use detox foot patches every week for a cleanse, and there’s almost nothing cheaper! A detox foot patch uses natural ingredients from Asian medicine that supports your body’s natural defence mechanism against chemicals.

  • Juicing

With a juicing machine you can create all kinds of different healthy drinks, packed full of vitamins and nutrients that you simply can’t get from cooked foods. Most recommend that you include a juice in your normal diet, or have only juice for one day, as you can’t live on it permanently! You can use kale or spinach as a base, and then add in things like apples, blueberries, celery, cucumber, and even lemon and ginger!

  • Yoga

Although some people would not expect to see yoga on a page for detoxing, you’d be surprised how cleansing it is for the soul, as well as relaxing for the body! There are loads of different types of yoga so you should be able to find one that fits you, and once you get accustomed to it you’ll find that your flexibility is also greatly improved.

Have we mentioned one that you are absolutely obsessed with – or on the other hand, we are pretty sure that we have missed some! Whatever it is that you have tried out, we really appreciate you sharing your experience so that others who are looking into different types of detoxes and researching what could be best for them can find out a little more. After all, there is no better way to find out if something is good or not than by asking someone who really knows!

If you have come here looking to see what juicing even is, or whether a detox foot patch could be the answer for you, please do take the time to scroll down and read our members’ experiences. Who knows: you could find the perfect detox for you right here!

Source: http://www.bodypure.us

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Are all detox foot pads a scam?

detox foot patchYour health is important to you. You only get one body, and you want to be able to look after it as best you can so that you can enjoy it for as long as you can! That is why you are concerned that detox foot pads, a type of cleansing that you have recently discovered, could be a scam that is just trying to get your money without actually following through on removing toxins from your body – or worse, introducing something to your body that you do not want in there. Thousands of people swear by them, of course, but thousands of people swear by green tea, and a recent study has found that much green tea grown in China and India are grown with pesticides, insecticides, and in some cases, even arsenic.

You are right not to automatically believe absolutely everything that you hear. The only way to truly protect yourself and your body is to be smart about what you allow near it, and so research is the best way to understand whether or not something should be trusted. However, there is a good way to research about something and a bad way to research about something, and sadly sometimes people with the best intentions will go looking for some advice and not really take the best knowledge on board. That is why, when you are reading up about something like detox foot pads, you should look at the source of what you are reading. Are they medically trained? Are they trusted by other people within the medical community? Have they been wrong before about a different product? These are questions that you should ask yourself before you accept anything that they say.

Another aspect of research is about depth and breadth. As well as looking into the results of a product, which of course are important, you should also be considering what ingredients they use, where they get the ingredients from, and how they are brought together to be manufactured. What processes do they undergo, and how long after being manufactured do they land on shelves? This is especially important for products that are made from plant extracts, because if they then undergo a series of chemical processes, they may as well not be organic and natural!

In the case of detox foot pads, therefore, let us look closely at the evidence. We know that these ones are made specifically from bamboo extract, which is a definite positive sign – and we know that the adhesive that is used to stick the detox foot pad to the sole of the foot is also naturally made, something that sets them apart from many other detox foot pad brands. This focus on the natural and organic is good to see, and could be why so many patients who use them find that they are beneficial for sleep disorders. Natural products put the body back into balance far better than processed ones.

Many other patients have reported back to me that they have enjoyed much better health after using these detox foot pads regularly, perhaps once a week, which makes me believe that there must be something to them, or they would simply stop using them after a while. The benefits can be felt especially by those who live in cities and who are exposed to high levels of toxins in their daily lives which they simply cannot escape. Therefore there is definitely a health benefit for anyone who wants to improve their general circulation and remove toxins from their body in using these detox foot pads.

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