How To Remove Toxic Mold From Your Home And Clean Up Your Act

Mold RemovalYou may carry your antibacterial wipes with you everywhere you go and use hand sanitizer gel frequently, yet you could be living in a home where toxic mold is growing and not even know it — or know it and not be worried enough to take action.

Mold in a home is something that causes so many homeowners worry — and with just cause.

It’s essential that you take mold as seriously as you do bacteria and germs. You wouldn’t eat molded food, yet perhaps you live in proximity to this toxic substance all the time. For many people, living around mold will eventually cause the symptoms of mold toxicity or mold exposure to show up. These can include things like sinus and nasal problems, a cough that never seems to go away and perhaps even problems breathing.

If you have these symptoms and can’t find a cause, it may be time to contact a mold removal specialist like our team at Orange Restoration for mold testing and perhaps mold removal.

You may consider tackling the problem of mold removal yourself, but it isn’t that easy to handle. You can grab some bleach, spray it on and watch the mold change colors. But that doesn’t necessarily kill the mold or prevent it from regrowing. It simply fades out the color. In most cases, physical removal of mold by scrubbing it away or removing the material that contains it is necessary. And that must be done in special conditions so that the mold spores aren’t released into the home to start growing again elsewhere.

When you choose mold remediation specialists like our team at Orange Restoration, the first step is testing to see whether mold is present and what type it is. Then, if necessary, mold removal can begin. For small amounts of relatively harmless mold, simple cleaning may be all that’s necessary to remove it. Even household cleaning products may be able to remove the most minor infestations, but some mold may be released into the air.

In more severe cases, deep cleaning is necessary. When a porous building material has been thoroughly infiltrated with mold, total removal of the material and replacement may be the best course of action. In the worst cases, all furnishings, tiles, carpets and other materials will need to be replaced. This may seem like drastic action, but it’s necessary.

The only way you can be sure you have thoroughly removed as much mold from your home as possible is to take drastic action and then test again to make sure mold spore levels have gone down significantly. When you take aggressive action, you can prevent regrowth of the mold and improve the overall health and quality of your home.

Of course, at the same mold remediation is taking place, you need to make sure that the conditions that allowed for the warm, damp, mold-friendly environment are remedied. This means fixing leaks and elimination source of humidity and water damage.

Once you’ve had mold removal done in your San Diego home, you can go back to enjoying it in whatever ways you like.

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