Are all detox foot pads a scam?

detox foot patchYour health is important to you. You only get one body, and you want to be able to look after it as best you can so that you can enjoy it for as long as you can! That is why you are concerned that detox foot pads, a type of cleansing that you have recently discovered, could be a scam that is just trying to get your money without actually following through on removing toxins from your body – or worse, introducing something to your body that you do not want in there. Thousands of people swear by them, of course, but thousands of people swear by green tea, and a recent study has found that much green tea grown in China and India are grown with pesticides, insecticides, and in some cases, even arsenic.

You are right not to automatically believe absolutely everything that you hear. The only way to truly protect yourself and your body is to be smart about what you allow near it, and so research is the best way to understand whether or not something should be trusted. However, there is a good way to research about something and a bad way to research about something, and sadly sometimes people with the best intentions will go looking for some advice and not really take the best knowledge on board. That is why, when you are reading up about something like detox foot pads, you should look at the source of what you are reading. Are they medically trained? Are they trusted by other people within the medical community? Have they been wrong before about a different product? These are questions that you should ask yourself before you accept anything that they say.

Another aspect of research is about depth and breadth. As well as looking into the results of a product, which of course are important, you should also be considering what ingredients they use, where they get the ingredients from, and how they are brought together to be manufactured. What processes do they undergo, and how long after being manufactured do they land on shelves? This is especially important for products that are made from plant extracts, because if they then undergo a series of chemical processes, they may as well not be organic and natural!

In the case of detox foot pads, therefore, let us look closely at the evidence. We know that these ones are made specifically from bamboo extract, which is a definite positive sign – and we know that the adhesive that is used to stick the detox foot pad to the sole of the foot is also naturally made, something that sets them apart from many other detox foot pad brands. This focus on the natural and organic is good to see, and could be why so many patients who use them find that they are beneficial for sleep disorders. Natural products put the body back into balance far better than processed ones.

Many other patients have reported back to me that they have enjoyed much better health after using these detox foot pads regularly, perhaps once a week, which makes me believe that there must be something to them, or they would simply stop using them after a while. The benefits can be felt especially by those who live in cities and who are exposed to high levels of toxins in their daily lives which they simply cannot escape. Therefore there is definitely a health benefit for anyone who wants to improve their general circulation and remove toxins from their body in using these detox foot pads.

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