The best detox experience you’ve ever had – spill!

foot reflexology chartWe want to hear all of your detox experiences! The best, the worst, the ones that you would rather forget, and the ones that you can barely believe even happened! There are plenty of different ways that you can give your body the relief that it needs from all of the pressures and stresses of the day, and we would love to hear from people who have tried different kinds, so that those who do not have any background in detoxes can make informed decisions about what sort of detox they would like to try. From detox foot patches to yoga, juicing to lemon water, we want to hear about:

  • Acupuncture

Perhaps not the best idea for anyone who is truly terrified of needles, acupuncture goes back thousands of years and uses centuries of knowledge to be able to move energy and tension around the body. Perfect for those with muscle pain in their back. It is often best to talk to a medical professional before you engage in a long course of acupuncture, just to make sure that they are confident that you are choosing the right option.

  • Lemon detox

Used by celebrities such as Beyonce (apparently!), the lemon detox is one where you only drink lemon and water . . . and that’s pretty much it. Most people only do it for a day or two because not eating that long can be dangerous, but it gives your body a break from harsh processed foods. Some people add a little honey in their lemon water to make it a little more palatable!

  • Detox foot patch

Probably one of our most popular detoxes, a detox foot patch simply pops on the end of your foot as you sleep, and draws all the impurities and toxins from your body. Many people use detox foot patches every week for a cleanse, and there’s almost nothing cheaper! A detox foot patch uses natural ingredients from Asian medicine that supports your body’s natural defence mechanism against chemicals.

  • Juicing

With a juicing machine you can create all kinds of different healthy drinks, packed full of vitamins and nutrients that you simply can’t get from cooked foods. Most recommend that you include a juice in your normal diet, or have only juice for one day, as you can’t live on it permanently! You can use kale or spinach as a base, and then add in things like apples, blueberries, celery, cucumber, and even lemon and ginger!

  • Yoga

Although some people would not expect to see yoga on a page for detoxing, you’d be surprised how cleansing it is for the soul, as well as relaxing for the body! There are loads of different types of yoga so you should be able to find one that fits you, and once you get accustomed to it you’ll find that your flexibility is also greatly improved.

Have we mentioned one that you are absolutely obsessed with – or on the other hand, we are pretty sure that we have missed some! Whatever it is that you have tried out, we really appreciate you sharing your experience so that others who are looking into different types of detoxes and researching what could be best for them can find out a little more. After all, there is no better way to find out if something is good or not than by asking someone who really knows!

If you have come here looking to see what juicing even is, or whether a detox foot patch could be the answer for you, please do take the time to scroll down and read our members’ experiences. Who knows: you could find the perfect detox for you right here!


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