Where have you found a great fluoride free dentist?

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Despite the fact that we live in the twenty first century, it can sometimes feel as though the modern world has not caught up with the dental industry at all. The lack of development in the understanding of dentists in simple things such as holistic dentistry, or mercury free dentistry, is sometimes truly shocking. However, that lack of knowledge is not something that is only found in with dentists themselves; many people have no idea that fluoride is bad for them, or that dentists do not need to use x-rays in every visit. It can be frustrating sometimes talking to friends and family if they are not convinced that they need to look for a non-traditional dentist, and a little disheartening when it feels like every single dental office you go to has little idea that they should be changing. That is why we have put this discussion board together – so that even if you do not have anyone to ask for advice, you can come here for suggestions and answers.

If you have discovered this board looking for a dentist, you may be a little surprised to hear that there are different kinds of dentists; traditional dentists, and non-toxic dentists. What differentiates a normal dentist from a non-toxic dentist is what they do after they have received their standard dental training. A normal dentist will set up shop and start treating people based on the knowledge that he has been given in dental college; some of which is out of date, and most of which uses strong and highly toxic chemicals in their diagnoses and treatments. A non-toxic dentist, on the other hand, will continue on their training to learn more about the variety of different options that are available for diagnoses and treatments, particularly the ones that do not require those toxins. That is why non-toxic dentists are so sought after – because they are able to treat their patients without having to resort to chemicals that we simply should not have anywhere near our bodies.

Take fluoride, for example. This is a chemical that it is almost impossible to avoid if you do not know what you are looking for, because it has become a staple in the manufacture of dental products. Almost every toothpaste has it in, almost any mouthwash that you buy will have it in, and many standard dentists will use fluoride as part of their consultation materials when you go to them for a check up. What many people do not realize, however, is that fluoride can be very bad for you. One study showed that when babies were given small amounts of fluoride in their water to drink, they actually grew up with lower IQs than expected. After all, fluoride does not only affect your teeth. Once it is in your body, it has an effect on your bones, glands, blood sugar levels, and even your brain.

Is that the sort of dentist that you want looking after your teeth – one that will happily pour dangerous chemicals into your body? That’s certainly not the sort of dentist that we want looking after our teeth, or the teeth of our children. That is why non-toxic dentists are so vital; knowing where to find them can mean a great deal to your dental health, and being able to be seen by a non-toxic dentist could drastically improve your general health. That is why we are asking that if anyone knows of a fluoride free non-toxic dentist in the area, please post down their details below so that others can find them. Sooner or later, we want to make it possible for everyone who wants to, to be seen by a non-toxic dentist.

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