Could you be missing out on the easiest way to look better?

botox injection sitesHands up everyone who has tried one of those horrendous fad diets where you are not allowed to eat anything that tastes good and you have to weigh yourself a thousand times a day? Or that exercise regime where you are not allowed to stay still for more than an hour at a time, or that one where you had to get up a whole two hours earlier than you normally do? There are a million and one different ways to make us feel bad about ourselves not looking as we think we should whenever we look in a mirror, and the attempts to try to get back to how we looked when we were younger – or to a fantasy version of ourselves that never existed – can be incredibly intense. What is even crazier is that despite all of that hard work that so many of us put in, there are no guarantees that hard work, exercise, and diet can actually get us looking how we want to! It’s enough to make you put down the celery stick and get off the treadmill. But what if there was a simple, almost fool proof way of getting that look that we’re so desperate to achieve?

It turns out that so many of us are trying so hard to do things the ‘good’ way that we have forgotten that it is completely possible to make it the ‘bad’ way – through something like Botox! We put good and bad in quotation marks because for some reason there seems to be a sort of morality over which is the good way to look good and which is the bad way to look good, but if you ask us as long as the end result is the same, who cares how we got there? Especially when you realize that Botox has got safer and safer in the last few years than any other kind of medical treatment, and there are plenty of really clever people out there who are able to make you look exactly as you want to without any of the pain and effort involved.

If you are a little nervous about the idea of letting someone stick needles into your face, then you’ve got the right approach to plastic surgery – but if the Botox practitioner has had the right training at a registered Botox course then there is nothing to fear from them. The amount of training that they have to go through before they even think about getting a needle anywhere near a person is huge, and it’s all there to protect you. What is potentially more interesting is that they also get taught all of the interesting psychology behind us wanting to have Botox in the first place, so they should be some of the most understanding people about how tough it is to get older in this modern world. After all, the pressures that we are under are nothing like what previous generations have had to go through – it was a lot easier to age gracefully when there wasn’t social media around to constantly appear on, and celebrity gossip blogs to see how other, more wealthy women were starting to age!

Botox is a simple, safe, and extremely effective way of looking younger without any of the long term hassle that you have to put in to give up carbs. Who wants to give up carbs? Certainly not us, which is why Botox is starting to look more and more inviting by the minute! Why not give it a go yourself?


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